Top 10 Elk For Knight & Hale

Famed hunter Harold Knight shows an outstanding 5x6 bull elk he took during an Arizona bow hunt in 2005. The bull was called in close by Harold in deep, dark timber. The bull scored an impressive 300-inches of heavy-beam antler.
David Hale traveled to New Mexico during the 2005 season to collect this 310-inch, 5x6 bull elk. He used a muzzleloader at close range after a cat-and-mouse hunt requiring skillful calling and stalking.
This super-size Arizona 6x6 elk was taken by David Hale during an Arizona bowhunt. It's nearly perfectly symmetrical rack scored an impressive 317-inches.
This waterhole New Mexico elk was shot by Harold Knight using a close-range muzzleloader. The 6x6 bull measured 290-inches.
David Hale collected this dry-country New Mexico bull with a muzzleloader. The bull scored 310-inches.
The antler mass on this enormous bull elk is incredible. With main beam bases about as big around as Harold's forearms, this giant New Mexico elk scored 321, one of Knight's best with a muzzleloader.
Wyoming game up this beautiful 6x6 bull to David Hale. It's one of his best with a bow and arrow, and scored 320 Pope and Young inches.
This nearly perfect-rack elk was taken by Harold Knight during an early autumn bowhunt to Wyoming. The 6x6 heavy-beam bull scored 325, for one of Knight's best ever elk.
Lots of antler mass, wide, sweeping beams and a near-perfect 6x6 rack make this outstanding bull David Hale's best by bow. He arrowed in Arizona, scoring an outstanding 340 inches of rack.
A long, tough and dry New Mexico hunt resulted in this great bull for David Hale, using one-shot from his muzzleloader. The bull scored 290, and David lured the bull in to close range using soft cow calling.

Elk season is fast approaching, so it's fitting to take a quick look at some of the best bulls taken in recent years by well-known hunters such as Harold Knight and David Hale, of game call and television fame.