How to Texas Rig

Ray Ruiz fishes metro rivers, wilderness lakes, local bass ponds, and everything in between. One of his go-to bait presentations is the timeless Texas rig. As a fishing mentor and outreach coordinator, Ruiz likes the Texas rig because it’s relatively easy to fish. Put one in any new angler’s hands (and put them on productive bass water) and they’ll be hauling in fish in no time. Plus, it’s extremely versatile. You can fish it with worms, tubes, creature baits, and almost any other soft plastic that will fit on an extra-wide-gap hook. Here’s how Ruiz ties his Texas rigs from the back of the All-New 2022 Nissan Frontier which has a ton of features packed into its tailgate and bed—like the Utili-track cargo system and multiple bed electrical outlets. These smart new features make the new Frontier the perfect truck for traveling anglers.