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The Best Lures of The Bassmaster Classic

When it came to putting big fish in the boat on the last day of the Classic, the pros threw their go-to baits. These are the bass lures that got the job done
Cherry with a life-changing trophy.

Cherry with a life-changing trophy. James Overstreet

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Hank Cherry boats a keeper.
Hank Cherry boats a keeper. Dalton Tumblin

Alabama’s Lake Guntersville put on a show at the 50th Bassmaster Classic. The 53 anglers spent the week dealing with rain, dingy water, and post-front conditions. You wouldn’t expect anything less at bass fishing’s world championship.

At the end of three intense days of competitive fishing, Hank Cherry, who came close to hoisting the Classic trophy in 2013, won the ultimate prize in bass fishing. Here were his lure choices and those of the other top finishers in fishing’s greatest event.

11. Jason Williamson (48-lbs., 14-oz.)

Jason Williamson
Jason Williamson Andy Crawford

Jason Williamson relied on a trio of lures. A 3/8-ounce, Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer with Zoom Super Fluke was a top choice. So was a 1/2-ounce Buckeye Lures Mop Jig. He also used a 1/2-ounce Booyah One Knocker.

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10. Matt Herren (49-lbs., 5-oz.)

Matt Herren
Matt Herren Andy Crawford

A pair of 1/2-ounce Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammers were the lures of choice for Matt Herren. He also used a 1/2-ounce XCalibur Xr50 Rattle Bait (not pictured)

9. Brandon Card (50-lbs., 4-oz.)

Brandon Card
Brandon Card Andy Crawford

Brandon Card focused on reaction baits and jigs for his finish. A Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerkbait and 1/2-ounce unnamed jig with Yamamoto Double Tail were top picks for Card.

8. Lee Livesay (52-lbs., 12-oz.)

Lee Livesay
Lee Livesay Andy Crawford

A 1/2-ounce Finch Nasty Bait Co. Lunker Thumper, with 3.25-inch Netbait Little Spanky trailer was the key rig of choice for Lee Livesay.

7. Brandon Lester (53-lbs., 9-oz.)

Brandon Lester
Brandon Lester Andy Crawford

Brandon Lester now has two consecutive Top 10 finishes at the Classic. A 1/2-ounce hand tied living rubber jig, with 4/0 Mustad Hook and X Zone Lures Muscle Back Craw, was a top choice for Lester. So was a 1/2-ounce Strike King Red Eyed Shad Tungsten 2-Tap.

6. John Crews (53-lbs., 13-oz.)

John Crews fishing on a bass boat.
John Crews got off to a quick start on Day 1 of the Classic by boating 3 5-pounders. Andy Crawford

John Crews made a run at the Classic title by fishing shallow pre-spawn staging areas on Lake Guntersville.

Crews’ top performing bass lures.
Crews’ top performers. Andy Crawford

Crews chose a trio of lures for his week. A 1/2-ounce Missile Baits Ike’s Mini Flip Flipping Jig, with Missile Baits D Bomb Creature Bait was a top choice. So was a 1/2-ounce Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer, with 6.5-inch Missile Baits Quiver Worm trailer.

John Crews holding a crankbait.
Crews also fished a crankbait. Andy Crawford

Crews also used a Spro Little John DD Crankbait.

5. Micah Frazier (54-lbs., 0-oz.)

Micah Frazier
Micah Frazier Andy Crawford

Micah Frazier used a new lure that was ideal for the chilly pre-spawn conditions on Lake Guntersville. A 1/2-ounce Booyah One Knocker and the new Norman Speed N were his top performers. The Speed N will be officially released in July at the ICAST industry trade show.

4. Seth Feider (54-lbs., 0-oz.)

Seth Feider
Seth Feider Andy Crawford

A 1/2-ounce Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer was a key bait for Seth Feider on Championship Sunday.

3. Stetson Blaylock (58-lbs, 1-oz.)

Stetson Blaylock
Stetson Blaylock Andy Crawford

Stetson Blaylock found success targeting largemouths migrating toward the spawning areas on Lake Guntersville. The new Norman Speed ‘N Crankbait retrofitted with Gamakatsu G-Finesse Treble Hooks was a key fish catcher for Blaylock. So was a 1/2-ounce Booyah One Knocker with the same hooks.

2. Todd Auten (58-lbs., 10-oz.)

Todd Auten
Todd Auten Andy Crawford

Todd Auten targeted areas where largemouth were coming into shallow water spawning areas. Todd Auten 1 of 1A 1/2-ounce Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer, and 1/2-ounce Strike King Red Eye Shad were top choices for Todd Auten.

1. Hank Cherry (65-lbs., 5-oz)

Hank Cherry
Hank Cherry Andy Crawford

A 3/8-ounce Picasso Lures Dock Rocket with Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Chunk trailer was a top choice for the Classic champ. He also used a Z-Man Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer, and a Megabass Ito Vision 110+1 Jerkbait.