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For years, when it came to my dad’s birthday, Christmas, and Father’s Day, I did what most men do when they don’t want to put any thought and effort into gift ideas—I bought him a Cabela’s gift card. Thankfully, I’ve become much more creative since then, and my new problem is zeroing in on one unique item I know he’ll appreciate. If you’re stuck in the gift-card-gift rut, or if you just don’t know where to start shopping for this upcoming Father’s Day, here is a list of items to consider—any of which will surely put a smile on your dad’s face. —Ben Romans

Outdoor Life Digital Subscription

Outdoor Life

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Does the old man like checking out hunting stories on the interwebs but hates those damn pop up ads? Well now he can read stories on totally advertisement free. It costs $10 for a year OR $15 for a one-year subscription to the print magazine and a digital subscription. You can sign him up and get him a log in, and then he’ll be able to enjoy all of our best content without any annoying ads getting in his way. —A.R.

Voormi Access NXT Pullover


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I wore this pullover for the first half of my turkey season in weather that ranged from the mid 20s to the mid 50s and I stayed comfortable the whole time. It’s made from thermal wool, it has woven stretch side panels, and a water-repellent finish. It’s warm without being bulky (it ways just a pound). It comes in five different color options but I’d suggest Harvest or Blowdown if your dad is going to wear this for hunting (the Blowdown pattern was perfect for sitting against a hardwood tree during early turkey season). At $200 this is an expensive garment, no doubt. But it’s built to last and made in in the U.S.A. —A.R.

XtraTuf 6” Ankle Deck Boot


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Built to withstand the harsh elements on the deck of commercial fishing boats, some of the grizzliest Alaskan boat captains rely on these 6” boots season after season. Your dad might not need that kind of durability, but he does need something to slip on quickly when mom rousts him in the middle of the night because the raccoons are digging through the trash again. Cost is about $80. XtraTufs are also a great option for anglers who fish from a boat or banks, and I wear them field hunting ducks and geese when there is no snow on the ground. They also make a good camp shoe, so you can slide off the hunting boots and slide right into these. There isn’t much tread on the soles, but they certainly have a fair amount of grip, particularly on wet surfaces, which is what they are built for. —J.G.

Browning Second Chance Knife


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Sure, dad might have a desk drawer full of pocket knives, but I bet none of them look this good. This is a classy knife that looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. It has a beautiful Damascus steel trailing point blade, and ebony handle with a stag horn bolster. I’ve been carrying mine around in my pocket for a year and use it for everyday tasks but have also done some light work on game birds with it. The blade has held its edge nicely. Overall length is 7 1/4” and the clip point blade is 2 7/8 inches. Oh yeah, the price. You can find on Amazon for $61! —A.R.

Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 20

Camp Chef

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Your old man has been drooling over pellet smokers at the hardware store every Saturday morning for years, “but they’re too damn expensive.” Well, maybe this is the year to go in with your brothers and sisters and buy him this easy-to-use grill that utilizes the Camp Chef Connect App (you probably will have to set that up for him) to let the cook know when the meat is done. The Woodwind 20 cost $600, and has 501-sqaure inches of rack space, which is ideal for small families or empty nesters. It weighs 90 pounds, light for a pellet grill—dad can load it up in the pickup bed and take it to hunt camp. Direct-flame grilling reaches 650 degrees and there are 10 different smoke levels to get that brisket cure just right. —J.G.

Work Sharp Benchstone Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp

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My dad is a welder and spends his work days shaping metal to his will. He’s pretty damn good at sharpening a knife. As for me? Not so much, until I started using this handy tool from Work Sharp. This is a three-sided, sharpening system—you simply spin the sharpener to change the abrasion level. The medium (400) grit diamond and fine (800) grit diamond plates restore a blade’s edge, and the fine grit ceramic stone creates a precisely sharp blade. I like that it has interchangeable angled guides so you can make sure you’re sharpening your hunting knife, pocket knife, or fillet knife to the right degree. You could also sharpen broadheads or axe blades with this tool. So if your dad isn’t a welder and sharpening wiz like mine, I’d strongly suggest this tool for the old man. —A.R.

Hi Mountain Seasonings Fish and Game Bundle

Hi Mountain Seasonings

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My old man believed in killing wild game twice—first with a gun, then on the grill. The bundle of seasonings from Hi Mountain will make dad’s deer steaks edible. And If he really knows how to cook, the spices seriously enhance the flavor. Most anglers give bass a bad rap as tablefare, and I was in that camp for a long time too, but the Bayou Bass seasoning you get in this bundle helps make for delicious largemouth fillets. Three fish and three meat seasonings come in the packet for about $42, plus you get a brown sugar brine and gourmet fish brine. —J.G.

Tetra Hearing Protection

Tetra Hearing Protection

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Maybe decades of gunfire have left your dad a little hard of hearing? The real downside of this is that once your hearing starts to go, each blast of gunfire is exponentially more damaging. Help your dad keep the hearing that he has with hearing protection from this new company, which was founded by hearing doctors and diehard hunters. Tetra has a variety of ear pro products, but they’re all lightweight, easy to use, and allow you to hear all the environmental noises around you while providing protection against gun shots.

I’ve been field testing the Alpha Shield series this spring and couldn’t be more impressed with it. Wearing these, it’s still easy to hear talking and even distant ambient sounds like geese honking in the distance. They also have adjustable volume, so you can turn up those ambient noises if you want to. They are incredibly comfortable, which is a major consideration if you’re going to be wearing these for a long day in the duck blind. They run on replaceable batteries that last up to about 90 hours.

The ear pro comes with a waterproof carrying case, has a one-year warranty, and is made in the U.S.A. Tetra products are expensive, ranging from $699 up to more than $1,000 but the devices use similar chips and digital noise reduction technology that you would pay $5,000 for in hearing aids. And think about it this way: you’re willing to pay good money for guns, ammo, and hunting gear … you might as well pay up to save your hearing. —A.R.

Filson Smokey Bear Lounge Shorts


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If your pop is like me, he is still wearing the same tattered gym shorts from high school. Snag him a pair of these cotton short pants for lounging around the house, and your mom will be thanking you. These are a hybrid between boxers and shorts, so just make sure you tell dad he can’t go to the grocery store in them—not that he will listen. An elastic waist band, means he can throw these on and fill up on potato chips every NFL Sunday without having to unbuckle his jeans. Filson makes clothes that last, and you pay for that quality ($45 in this case), but these will likely be the final pair of house shorts he ever needs. —J.G.

Leupold Sunglasses


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Leupold has been making optics since 1907, and if you’re generous with your definitions, a pair of sunglasses is just another type of optic. The company has introduced a new line that includes five different sunglasses designs that were purpose built for hunters and shooters. Three models (the Packout, Switchback, and Tracer) have an ANSI Z87.1+ ballistic rating, which essentially means that they exceed the industry standard for eye protection. The lens are interchangeable and compatible with prescription lenses. Street prices range from $160-200 depending on the model. I’ve been wearing the Katmai version while fishing, shooting, and doing pretty much anything else outside on a sunny day. They’re comfortable and light on my face and most importantly, they look cool. —A.R.

Sitka Kelvin Lite Down Jacket

As pops gets older, it will get harder and harder for him to stay warm during long sits in the cold. A puffy down jacket like this new offering from Sitka will help. This jacket is stuffed with 30 percent PrimaLoft and 70 percent water-repellent goose down. It’s super packable and snugs down into its own zippered pocket so it’s easy to stow away in a backpack. With the hood, you could wear this as an outer layer (as long as you don’t plan on walking through any thorn patches) or for cold days you could wear it under a parka. It’s available in Optifade Open Country and Optifade Subalpine. At $349 this is an expensive jacket, but if it buys dad a few more hours in the woods, it’s worth it. —A.R.

Survivor Filter Pro

Survivor Filter Pro

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This handy little water pump filters out viruses, bacteria, parasites, and reduces most heavy metals. The kit weighs 12.8 ounces and is compact enough to easily store in a backpack. One nice thing about this filter is that it comes with a large plastic syringe that allows you to clean out the filter if it gets clogged. It all assembles quickly and simply so the old man won’t get confused by a bunch of extraneous pieces in the field. Just plug in the hoses and start pumping. At $65 this filter is also more affordable than others on the market, and it has a lifetime warranty. If you need a filter for camp (and you’re not hiking a long distance to get there) Survivor Filter also makes an electric version (the Electric Pro-X). No pumping required. —A.R.

Shimano Sienna FG


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Want to hook dad up with a new reel, but not break the bank? This Shimano reel goes for only $30 and fishes just as well as much pricier reels. This reel won the Great Buy award in our 2020 Tackle Test for the quality of its construction, its smooth drag, and its ability to make long casts. Use the money you saved to get yourself one. —A.R.

Pelican Marine iPhone 11 Pro Max


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Assuming your dad isn’t still carrying a flip phone on his hip, this is the ideal phone case for an outdoorsman and father. I had an older version of this model for years and it stood up to torrential rains, and the 100 times it fell out of my pocket and onto the driveway getting out of the truck (it’s been tested to Military specifications). My 6-year-old son even threw my phone in the toilet (I didn’t find it until nature called) and the phone still functioned after that. It’s a $50 case but that’s a lot cheaper than buying a new phone. The only drawback to it is you can’t get a great image or video quality from the camera when the phone is in the case, but I’m guessing your dad is not a social media influencer, so he won’t care. —J.G.

Barnett TS380


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This crossbow won the Field & Stream best value award and it’s easy to see why. It’s accurate, fast enough to get the job done, and at $550 it costs less than half the price of the top-end bows. “For the money, the Barnett TS380 is about as good as you can get in 2020, and it was a shoo-in for our Best Value award. It was easy to cock with a traditional rope, safe, and very well fit and finished for the price,” crossbow test captain Will Brantley says. Specs measured in the test: 371 fps., 122.5 ft./lbs. Kenetic Energy, 12.625” powerstroke, 13.25” wide (cocked), 6.9 lb. —A.R.

Garmin Instinct


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If your dad has had his eye on a smart watch for awhile, now’s the time to buy one. Garmin has knocked $100 off the price of the Instinct for Father’s Day, which means all that functionality just got a lot cheaper. On top of the usual suite of Garmin’s features (fitness, weather, heart rate, etc.), this watch has a Trackback GPS functionality that lets wearers navigate back to a waypoint, like spike camp. Best of all? This watch does what all watches do…which is simply to tell time. That means less absent-minded phone checking that turns into social-media scrolling, and more hunting. —Natalie Krebs

Gerber Custom Knife


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There’s no such thing as too many knives, which means that even if you’re out of good gift ideas, you can always get him a handy pocket folder to stash in the truck, or to replace the one he’s always losing. If you have enough lead time, customize a blade just for him with Gerber’s new custom shop. You can choose everything down to the color of the fasteners and personalize the blade and handle with patterns, images, and text. If your order won’t arrive in time or if your dad is notoriously nitpicky (or technologically challenged), let him design his perfect pocket knife on Father’s Day and order it for him. —N.K.

DeerCast App

desktop weather forecast for deer hunting and cell phone app with deer tracking
Deercast is full of features, including forecast and tracking tools for desktop and mobile. Deercast

If your dad is a diehard deer hunter (or if you’re in need of an affordable, last-minute gift idea), this one’s for you. DeerCast is a hunting app developed by Drury Outdoors, and it’s packed with plenty of features Dad will love. The app’s central function is its forecasting technology, which uses a special algorithm and your location-specific weather data (temperature, pressure, wind speed, etc.) to predict deer movement where you hunt. You can dive into the weather details, or just glance at the handy color-coded indicators that predict whether your morning and evening sits will be poor, okay, or good on any given day. If your dad only gets a few days to hunt each season, DeerCast can help him maximize his time and hunt the best conditions possible. The app also has plenty of insight and tips from the Drury’s, access to their videos and podcasts, and a social media feed that helps hunters know what’s happening on the ground in other areas. DeerCast is free to download, but you can only see one day forecasted at a time. Give your dad a Pro subscription ($10 per year) to see a 5-day forecast, and the Elite subscription ($20/year) to see a 10-day forecast, along with additional access to Drury videos and deer-tracking tools at each tier.

Gift Ideas from Last Year

These ideas are a year old, but your dad won’t care.

Sitka Globetrotter Shirt

While Sitka is mostly known for its high-performance apparel, the company also has a lineup of casual shirts and pants manufactured with the same top-notch materials and attention to detail as their hunting clothing. The Globetrotter Shirt is a good example. Made from a two-way stretch cotton and polyester blend, it’s wrinkle-free and impregnated with the company’s Polygiene Odor Control to help manage scent. There is a side gusset for freedom of movement, a zippered chest pocket, and it’s available in two color choices. —B.R.

5.11 RUSH24 Military Tactical Backpack

When I was a kid, my dad bought an olive-drab military rucksack from our local Army-Navy surplus store and used it as a makeshift briefcase for work. I thought it was awesome, and he gave it to me after upgrading to a leather lookalike. These days, companies like 5.11 are continuing to make military-grade packs and backpacks, but with much more thought behind form and function. Their RUSH24 is a good example. It has a simple rucksack design with lots of storage space in the main area (2,275 cubic inches), a reinforced handle, hydration pocket, zippered fleece-lined sunglasses pocket, and self-repairing YKK zippers. On the outside, there are three mesh pockets, a water-bottle holster, and compression straps. And, because it has a water-repellent coating, dads can use the pack for fishing, hunting, or on a quick grab-and-go camping trip. —B.R.

BioLite No-bounce Rechargeable Headlamp


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Growing up, my “go-to” gifts for dad on Christmas, his birthday, and Father’s Day were either a knife, some tools, or a flashlight. Somewhere I’m sure he has a stash of a dozen unopened Maglites he never needed. But as flashlight technology has improved, so have the gift options, which is why you should consider the BioLite No-bounce LED headlamp. The headband itself is part elastic and part molded plastic, so the unit fits snug in the back, and grips the head in the front, eliminating any bounce, slips, or shifting while moving. The other great thing it’s rechargeable, so gone are the heavy batteries, and it’s bright, throwing out 330 lumens at max power for up to 3.5 hours, and up to 40 hours on the low setting. —B.R.

Havalon Talon Fish Interchangeable Fixed Blade Filet Knife


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The Talon is a super-sharp, surgical-blade Havalon your dad likely knows and loves, but in a versatile package. It comes with two 7-inch fillet blades, one 5-inch fillet blade, one 3 1/2-inch semi-serrated blade, and a nylon roll pack that secures the handle and all the blades in one package. The knife utilizes the company’s Quik-Change II Interchangeable Cutlery System, which makes it easy to safely change blades. Another nice thing about the design is it allows you to fit any Talon-style blade onto the handle. So, down the line, if your dad wants to pick up some blades from Havalon’s hunting lineup, he can use this setup with something like a 3 1/2-inch gut hook combo blade. I used the Talon on turkeys and crappies this spring, and the system has worked flawlessly. If your dad could use an almost unbelievably sharp knife to work on big-game, small-game, and fish, well, look no further. –A.R.

Filson Tacoma Work Jacket


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Few outdoor clothing companies have been in business as long as Filson, and there’s good reason for it. Over 120 years ago they saw a need for more rugged, durable, and weather-resistant clothing for loggers, anglers, and hunters in the Northwest. While styles have changed since then, they continue to manufacture quality apparel, like the Tacoma Work Jacket. The outer shell is made of 14-ounce cotton that’s coated with the company’s Aero treatment to block the wind and repel stains. It also has a corduroy-lined collar, button cuffs and pockets, and a zippered chest pocket. —B.R.

Nikon P-Tactical Spur

Nikon has long made some of the best optics in the world, but this P-Tactical Spur is the company’s first foray into reflex sights. The 1x optic has a 3 MOA dot, weighs 1.1 ounces, is 1.8-inches long and stands off a pic rail about 1.5 inches. There are small, flat-head dials for windage and elevation. It took me three shots to get it dialed at 25 yards on my Rimfire Challenge 22 LR. The two-button operation couldn’t be easier. Hold the plus button (+) and it turns on, and with a quick click it’ll scroll through the ten brightness settings. Hold the negative button (–), and it shuts off. It’s light, and fast to acquire targets on both my 22 LR and Smith & Wesson MP-15. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and Nikon says the battery will last 15,000 hours. I turned mine on in April. Check back in November 2020, and I’ll tell you if it’s still running. —Michael R. Shea

Fenwick Pflueger Nighthawk Spinning Combo


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One of the first rods my dad bought me when I was a kid was a Fenwick. I lashed it to my old 10-speed bike and fished every farm pond within a five-mile radius of our Ohio home before a poor decision and a well-placed foot (don’t lay rods on the ground when you’re rigging) broke it in two. Fenwick still builds some of the best sticks in the business at an affordable price, and the Nighthawk rod and reel combo is proof. The reel has four stainless-steel ball bearings, a machined ported double anodized aluminum spool, a multi-disc drag system, and a convertible right- and left-hand retrieve. The graphite rod has a classic Fenwick action, TAC and EVA handle design, stainless steel guides, and is well suited for any of your dad’s favorite farm ponds. —B.R.

Decibullz Custom Molded Earplugs


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I used to think my dad pretended he was losing his hearing so he could ignore my mom at any given time. But it turns out, he wasn’t faking, and as I’ve grown older, I realized hearing loss is a real thing that can happen to anyone if you’re not careful. To prevent a loved one from losing theirs, consider custom molded earplugs from Decibullz. Simply immerse the thermoplastic molds in hot water for a few moments, remove and let them cool slightly, then place in an ear. The plug will reshape into a custom fit and not fall out. With an NRR rating of 31 dB, Decibullz are great for shooting, loud events, or if your dad is like mine, blocking out conversations with mom. What’s more, if the plug loses its custom shape, or a different pair of ears decides to use them, simply repeat the hot-water molding process and they’ll be good to go. —B.R.

Fuego Hot Sauce Set

Fuego Hot Sauce Set

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A little hot sauce can go a long way. But added in small doses to simple meals like eggs, cheeseburgers, tacos, adult beverages, and of course, hot wings, it can bring out some really unique flavors. If your dad is one who likes to experiment with spicy sauces, the Fuego set comes with seven different flavors (smoky bourbon, whiskey habanero, chipotle pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic pepper, garlic herb, and ghost pepper) made from peppers and spices gathered from all over the world. Though some flavors are more mild than others, the bottles arrive individually wrapped in brown paper with a “wick” attached to the top to resemble a stick of dynamite. —B.R.

Old Town Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman

Old Town

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Give dad the gift of alone time, with this new one-man canoe from Old Town. An update of the ever-popular Discovery 119, the Solo Sportsman weighs a light 54 pounds, and the 11-foot, 9-inch open hull design has some key tweaks for hunters and fisherman. The cockpit has been tuned for long days on the water. The kayak-style seat has an adjustable backrest and cup holder, plus padded armrests with shotgun shell holders and rod mounts. There are rod mounts at the yoke, too, and a recessed accessory rail, so you can secure a fish finder, GoPro, phone, or any other must-have do-dad. There’s plenty of room aft for a kayak crate, tackle box, decoys or a dog. It’s tailor-made for ducky November mornings on skinny water. Get it for dad this Father’s Day, and he won’t know how to thank you. Just prepare not to see him as much come fall. —M.R.S.

Bubba 110V Electric Fillet Knife

Bubba Blade

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If you’ve been paying attention, Bubba Blade has been one of the great American success stories. Seemingly appearing overnight a little over a decade ago, they’ve grown exponentially and show no signs of slowing down. While their razor-sharp fillet knives have garnered a cult following, the company recently branched out to the electric knife crowd with a 110V electric fillet knife, which features an 8 1/2-inch-long, non-slip handle, and four 7-inch-long stainless steel blades with varying stiffness ratings. The blades are easy to remove or change out, and the unit comes with a zippered storage pouch for when the blades aren’t in use. It’s a great gift if your dad likes to work through a limit of walleyes without skipping a beat.—B.R.

Arbogast Triple Threat


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Growing up, one of my favorite activities was learning to row a flat-bottomed Lowe boat on any number of farm ponds we had at our disposal in rural Ohio. From the stern, my dad directed my motions and offered direction while holding a rod trolling an Arbogast Jitterbug 30 yards behind the boat. The best thing about it was I could watch that lure the entire time and hoot and holler when bass hit. Fishing these types of noisy and animated plugs is just plain fun, so if your dad has a few favorite farm ponds of his own, get him the Arbogast Triple Threat package and take him fishing. These things cast a country mile, leave a wake of bubbles on the water, and can be especially fun to fish around structure on a moonlit night. He’ll love it. —B.R.

Warne 34mm Rings

So, you just dropped $1,500 on dad for a Father’s Day rifle scope. I hope my kids turn into such sterling examples of human beings as you. But you’re not done yet. Good glass needs good rings, and as far as I’m concerned, that means Warne. I picked up on Warne a few years ago after noticing most higher end rifle companies, when I asked for rings, provided me with them. The Maximas are a vertical split ring design. Honestly, this can make leveling the scope a huge pain the rear, but the positives outweigh that negative. Vertical rings have a much slimmer side profile, and uniformly squeeze the scope tube like a hose clamp. This means only one “gap” where the top screws are turned down, compared to two on either side of traditional horizontal rings. I haven’t had a situation where a scoped rifle has taken a dive off of a treestand, ATV, or truck, but if I do, I hope it’s running Warne rings. —M.R.S.

Costa Rinconcito Sunglasses

I wrote it in the 2019 Outdoor Life Mother’s Day Gift Guide, and I’ll say it again: sunglasses are typically one of those things you have to try before you buy. That’s why Costa’s Rinconcito is such a great frame—these polarized sunglasses have a classic look and style that looks good on just about any face they adorn. Named after the popular California point break, the frames are made from Costa’s bio-based resin, an environmentally friendly material created as part of the company’s Kick Plastic Initiative. The mirrored lenses are made from a lightweight 580P polycarbonate, there are water-resistant nose pads and temple tips to prevent slippage, and each pair comes with a hard case and lens cloth. —B.R.

Magpul X-22 Stock for Ruger 10/22


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Three years ago, the Austin-based maker of everything AR came out with this 10/22 stock, the Hunter X-22. This spring, I finally got my hands on one. It’s the main beam of a ridiculously accurate Volquartsen Summit 17 Mach 2 that I can’t stop shooting. It’s also the stock used by KIDD Innovative Designs, makers of insanely accurate 10/22 clones. If the best 10/22 builders in the world are using Magpul, you know something real is going for it. The X-22 comes with an innovative buttstock spacer system for varying length-of-pull from 12.5 to 13.75 inches, plus fore end M-LOK slots at three, six, and nine o’clock for bipods, lights, lasers or anything else you want to hang off your rifle. The barrel channel has a tray to easily free-float sporter barrels, or you can remove it for or .920-inch bulls. Unlike a lot of inexpensive plastic and rubberized stocks, the X-22 is rugged as hell. I’m a huge fan of the overall lightweight (2.6 pounds), and the 60-degree pistol grip, too. It all adds up to a fast, great handling rifle platform. If your dad, like me, chases bushy tails in the fall and messes with .22 builds in the winter, you can’t go wrong here. —M.R.S.

Humminbird Helix 7 Fish Finder


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Back when I was a kid and my dad took me fishing, I remember being blown away at the gray-and-black, pixelated fish finder in the front of the boat and how it registered any living and non-living thing under our boat. These days, I can’t help but feel the same when I look at the latest-and-greatest fish finders. Humminbird is one of the companies spearheading new fish-finding technology, and the Helix-7 is a great example of how far sonar has come. The unit’s key feature is its side-scanning technology, which offers a clear picture of what’s on either side of the boat out to 125 feet. It also includes GPS functionality, advanced CHIRP sonar that defines fish and underwater structure on the 7-inch color screen better than ever before, and the ability to create real-time maps of your dad’s favorite fishing spots. —B.R.

Simms TriComp Shirt

If your dad is like mine, and enjoys spending long stretches on the water, then he might as well be comfortable, and Simms’ TriComp shirt will do exactly that. Made from a polyester, spandex, and nylon breathable, stretch fabric, this long-sleeve shirt is ventilated to keep your dad cool, treated with Simms’ Coolcore technology to keep unwanted heat out, and has a UPF 50 rating. There is also a large chest pocket, articulated cuffs, and built-in chamois to clean sunglass lenses. —B.R.

LifeProof Lifeactiv Power Pack 20


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Oh how dependent society has become on smartphones. They’re both a blessing, and a curse. We love them when we get turned around and need directions, and hate them whenever some self-absorbed driver is on a call and not paying attention while cruising in the passing lane. But the worst feeling is watching the battery level trickle to single digits, before eventually shutting off—especially if you lean on the GPS function in the woods. If your dad is a fan of apps like onX (like I am) or he uses his device more for Facebook or Instagram posts than he does for making actual phone calls, then backup power is a must. The Lifeaciv Power Pack 20 from Lifeproof is a terrific solution. Not only is it waterproof, dropproof, dirtproof, and snowproof, it can breathe new life into all sorts of iPads, iPods, smartphones, and e-tablets before needing a recharge. It’s also light, easy to pack, and great “insurance” for any dad that likes to hit the backcountry for days at a time. —B.R.