Carrying a defensive handgun is a major responsibility, but frequently lost in the discussions over the best guns, calibers, and training is this reality: concealing a firearm every day is uncomfortable, and especially so in hot weather. We can’t stop the sweat or control the forecast, but we can help you make it more manageable with these items.

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The Clip Draw is one of the easiest ways to carry in hot weather. It’s an add-on clip that allows you to secure your firearm to a pocket or inside your waistband, just like a modern folding knife. It is a permanent fixture on your gun, and you don’t get the security of a holster—but the clip works quite well, especially with small autoloaders (though it’s available for most popular handgun models).

This is the ideal accessory for secure carry in a pair of cargo shorts. Amazon

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This is one of the safest—and least expensive—ways to carry in summer. The holster protects your gun from sweat and pocket lint, keeps the trigger covered, and secures the weapon for an easy draw. There’s no need to overthink this one. The classic, soft Nylon model is available in four sizes to fit most carry pieces, it does everything you need it to do, and it doesn’t cost much money.

A compact flashlight is an essential item. Amazon

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Statistics show that most defensive encounters happen in low light—meaning that if you’re going to carry a gun, you need to be able to see, too. A weapon-mounted light makes sense for home defense, but it creates a package that’s too bulky to conceal in the usual summertime attire. For that, you need something small enough to fit in the pocket, bright, and reliable, like this flashlight.

Use this to keep your mags clean, handy, and concealed. Amazon

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Many autoloader malfunctions can be traced to the magazines. Dropping your reload into a pocket means that debris and sweat will eventually find its way onto springs and followers, and that’s no good. Keep your mags clean and hidden with these IWB carriers. Sold two per pack, they’ll work fine with most popular single-stack autoloaders.