Male Hunter with Sniper
A good pair of lens caps can keep your scope lenses clean and fog free. Butler Creek

Keep It Covered

Flip open covers allow protect your lenses until you need to open them and look through to your target. Amazon

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The most significant component of any optics are its lenses. These precision ground pieces of glass are responsible for light transmission, magnifying distant objects, and everything else that makes them useful. Even the smallest scratch can ruin your view. Cover each end of your scope with a set of scope caps to keep them safe.

Keep It Clean

Don’t try to clean your scope lenses with anything but optic-specific sprays and wipes or you may scratch them. Amazon

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No matter how careful you are you’ll eventually end up with dust or grit on your scope’s lenses. Resist the urge to use your shirt to clean it—you’ll just end up scratching the lens coatings. Instead, angle the lens toward the ground and gently blow across the surface. If that doesn’t work, use one of the specially designed lens pens or microcloths and a glass-cleaning spray to clean it

Play in the Rain

Flip up caps ensure the lens is always protected until the moment of truth. Amazon

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The last thing you want after a long stalk is to not be able to put crosshairs on your quarry because of moisture on the lens. Covering your scope’s lenses keeps them free of rain, snow, or anything else that might obstruct your vision. Flip-up caps let you keep lenses covered until the last minute to ensure a clear view when it counts.