Outdoor Life Online Editor

1. New Rifles Roundup
Are you a gun nut? Do you get excited by words like “accuracy” and “lever action”? Then you should’ve been at this year’s SHOT Show. From high-end to low budget, there were plenty of rifles to get worked up about. Check out our roundup here.

2. New Shotguns for 2007
The big news for shotgun enthusiasts is Smith & Wesson’s entry into the market with a camo-patterened 12-gauge. But that’s not the only news. We review the lastest pumps, over/unders, and semis here.

3. The Latest Handgun Models
Bigger was better for a while in the world of handguns, but the times have changed. Streamlined design and smaller calibers characterize the latest models from the premier manufacturers.

4. Survival Gear Roundup
Lost hikers, families, and outdoorsmen have been unfortunately common in the headlines this winter, a sober reminder that when we go afield, preparation can keep us alive. These products will help keep you safe.

5. The Strange and the Weird
Remember, there’s more to SHOT Show than guns, knives and optics. For the gear hound, nothing is cooler than all the extra gadgets that make hunting a little bit easier. For instance: “Tired of climbing trees to get to the stand? Try the ‘Tree Crawler,’ a device that acts as an elevator, but fits on your back.”

6. New Optics for 2007
If you can’t see, you can’t shoot, and most of us can’t see well past 50 yards in low light. It’s a good thing the glass peddled by optics companies keeps improving. Check out this year’s batch of scopes, binoculars, and more.

7. Knives and Multi-Tools
Good knives are handed down from generation to generation. But sometimes you lose them. If you’re looking for a new one, check out our review of the steel displayed at the SHOT Show.

8. The Cutting-Edge: Random Stuff at the Front of the Pack
Exhibitors at the SHOT Show needed 656,000 square feet of floor space to show off their wares. And it wasn’t dominated by gun makers. Looking for a stove that burns anything? Or an airgun producing 1,250 fps of velocity? Give these crazy new devices a look here.