New Rifles of SHOT Show 2023

Here’s a first look at the new rifles from SHOT Show 2023

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Although new rifle releases have recently been spread out across the calendar, SHOT show is still the ceremonial start to the new year as far as guns are concerned. There are some interesting new introductions, smart line-extensions, and even a couple wood-stocked models hitting the floor at SHOT show 2023. We’ve scoured the aisles and scrambled through press releases to bring you what we think are the most interesting new rifles at SHOT.

Savage 110 Carbon Predator

The Savage Carbon Predator is one of the new rifles of SHOT Show 2023.

A new rifle from Savage in 2023 is a variation of the long-running Model 110, the 110 Carbon Predator. The most notable feature of the Carbon Predator is the 18-inch carbon-wrapped stainless-steel Proof Research barrel that’s threaded for a suppressor or brake, though there is also one 22-inch option in the lineup. Savage has used Proof barrels on the 110 Ultralite, but this rifle comes in at just under 7 pounds and is designed with predator hunters in mind. It has Savage’s Accustock that is adjustable for comb height and length-of-pull, and features a granite-type textured finish that we haven’t seen on a lot of Savage rifles. Savage has been producing better stocks in recent years, and this one also features rubber textured panels on the fore end and grip.

The Model 110 Carbon Predator also features Savage’s Accutrigger which is user-adjustable down to 1.5 pounds. It has a matte-black-finished carbon steel receiver and uses AICS-pattern magazines. It’s being offered in short action only, and initial cartridge offerings are .223 Rem., .22/250 Rem., 6mm ARC, 6.5 Creedmoor (18- or 22-inch barrel options), .300 Blackout, and .308 Win. MSRP: $1,625

Bergara B14 Squared Crest

The Bergara B14 Crest is one of the new rifles of SHOT Show 2023.

An accurate, light rifle that’s rugged enough for the mountains is what Bergara is aiming for with the B14 Squared Crest. The Crest is built around Bergara’s B14 action and housed in a new carbon-fiber stock that’s stiff, light, and contoured for comfortable ergonomics. The fore-end is slender, but behind the action, the stock has a nice vertical grip and elevated comb for comfortable precision shooting. The stock features side QD sling cups as well as swivel studs, and a second front stud for attachment of a bipod.

The Crest will be offered with 20- or 22-inch 4140 CrMo steel barrels (depending on caliber). The barrels are fluted, threaded in 5/8-24, and topped with Bergara’s Omni muzzle brake. Actions and barrels are finished in Sniper Grey Cerakote, and the bolt features an over-sized bolt handle and sliding extractor. The Crest uses AICS-compatible magazines with an external magazine release lever forward of the trigger guard. It has a two-position M700-style safety that allows unloading with the safety engaged. Initial chamberings for the B14 Squared Crest will be 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .308 Win., and .300 Win. Mag., and although the starting weight of 6.9 pounds isn’t ultralight, it’s still light enough to pack around. MSRP $1999

CVA Cascade X-Treme

The CVA Cascade X-Treme is one of the new rifles of SHOT Show 2023.

We tested CVA’s Cascade SB in our 2022 Gun Test, and this year, CVA is expanding the line with the Cascade XT (short for extreme). The XT is built to be a slightly heavier, precision-minded Cascade rifle with some key additions to make that happen.

The stock is similar to that of the Cascade SB but comes in Realtree’s new western “Hillside” pattern. It has a nice rubber recoil pad and textured grip panels, as well as two front sling swivel studs for mounting a bipod. The barrel on the Cascade XT is longer and heavier though. It’s a No. 5 contour, fluted, and comes with a radial muzzle brake. It’s also going to be suppressor ready. The heavier barrel should provide better balance and heat up more slowly than lighter barrels.  Finally, it comes with an oversized bolt knob for quick and sure cycling while keeping the rifle shouldered. The Cascade XT should be a great addition to the Cascade lineup. MSRP: $799

Marlin 336 Classic

Marlin 336

A new rifle that needs no introduction is the Marlin 336 Classic. Under the ownership of Ruger, Marlin has been turning out stellar 1985’s in .45/70, but many hunters have awaited the re-introduction of the model 336. This classic deer-woods lever gun has been sorely missed, and now it’s back.

The newly-reintroduced Marlin 336 will first hit shelves in the “classic” configuration: blued steel and walnut furniture. The grip and fore-end are handsome and nicely-contoured, and the glossy blued finish highlights the tight and precise machine work. Other calibers are anticipated, but the 336 will first be produced in the tried-and-true .30/30 Win. MSRP: To be announced

Christensen Arms Modern Hunting Rifle

Christensen modern hunting rifle

The new Modern Hunting Rifle from Christensen arms is a sleek blend of chassis and classic-stock designs. It’s designed to capture the accuracy potential and modularity of chassis rifles, while keeping the general lines of more traditional stocks.

Like many Christensen rifles, the Modern Hunting Rifle uses a two-lug, push-feed action and carbon-wrapped barrel. Rather than a stock or chassis, it uses a combination of a mini aluminum chassis and FFT carbon-fiber parts like you’ll see on the Ridgeline FFT Titanium. These parts are interchangeable and customizable to fit the individual shooter’s needs. It has adjustable comb height, length of pull, and modern ergonomics. The MHR comes in several colors and carries a three-shot, sub-MOA accuracy guarantee. MSRP: Starting at $3,499

Browning X-Bolt Target Max

Browning X-Bolt Target
The Browning X-Bolt Target Max is one of the new rifles of SHOT Show 2023. Tyler Freel

Browning’s X-Bolt has been a reliable and accurate platform for years, but for competitive shooting purposes, it’s always been limited by it’s lower-capacity rotary magazine—until now. The most prominent feature to seasoned X-Bolt shooters is the extended magazine well that’s compatible with 10-round AICS-pattern magazines. That’s not all though.

The X-Bolt Target Max features a heavier, stiffened receiver that’s topped with a 20-MOA Picatinny rail. It uses a new Browning target trigger that’s user-adjustable from 2 to 3.3 pounds and has a heavy stainless bull barrel that measure’s 0.9 inches at the back of the muzzle threads. The barrel is fluted and threaded in 5/8-24. It comes with Browning’s Recoil Hawg muzzle brake, but it’s suppressor ready as well. The Target Max has a heavy-duty composite target stock with a vertical grip, wide fore-end, and adjustable comb. The fore-end has a section of Picatinny rail for mountain a bipod. The X-Bolt action has a short 60-degree throw and a bolt override button to open the action when the rifle is on safe. It will initially be offered in 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308 Win. MSRP: $1,729

Gunwerks Werkman Rifle System

The Gunwerks Werkman Rifle System is one of the new rifles of SHOT Show 2023.

Gunwerks is known for its accurate, range-verified, expensive rifle packages, but they just announced a more affordable option that’s still guaranteed to 1,000 yards—the Werkman. With an optic and ammunition verified at distance, many Gunwerks packages ring in at $10,000 or more. The Werkman is a package offered at half that price, which is competitive with several other companies that offer accuracy-oriented package rifles.

The Werkman has fewer frills than other models but should offer excellent performance. It’s built on Gunwerks’s stainless GLR receiver with a 22-inch non-fluted stainless cut-rifled barrel. It uses the Gunwerks Gen 1 Magnus carbon-fiber stock that’s ARCA-compatible. The Werkman has a TriggerTech trigger, two-baffle directional muzzle brake, and comes topped with a Revic RS25 5-25×56 FFP scope. The scope includes a custom BDC turret with yardage and MOA markings that are calibrated to Hornady’s ELD Match ammunition. The rifle comes with a data package for that ammunition out to 1,000 yards. It’s chambered only in 6.5 PRC and, as delivered, weighs 9.6 pounds. MSRP $4,950

Marlin 1895 Guide Gun

Ruger’s acquisition of Marlin has turned out to be a good thing so far, and the rifles they’re producing might just be the best Marlins ever. We had a chance to test and review the Model 1895 SBL last year at our 2022 Gun Test, and late in 2022, Marlin announced that they were bringing the Model 1895 Guide Gun back into production—the third rifle to be revived.

The 1895 Guide Gun is the first Ruger-produced Marlin to be offered in blued-finish alloy steel (the SBL and Trapper are stainless) and it comes with an oversized lever loop. This first model of guide gun is chambered in .45/70 Gov’t. and has many of the features Marlin users know and love. It has a 6+1-round capacity, side-gate loading, and durable laminated wood furniture. The receiver is tapped for scope mounts, but the rifle comes with a hooded brass bead front sight and semi-buckhorn rear sight. Like other new Marlins, the muzzle is threaded 11/16-24 and includes a tight-fitting thread protector. It also has a nickel-plated bolt for smooth cycling. The new Marlins we’ve tried are some of the cleanest and tightest-fitting Marlins yet, and we expect the same from the Guide Gun.  MSRP $1,239

Henry Lever Actions in .360 Buckhammer

360 Buckhammer lever action in tree stand
The Henry Lever Steel in .360 Buckhammer was a perfect setup for the author's whitetail hunt in Ohio. John B. Snow

This isn’t so much a new rifle as it is a new cartridge. Remington just officially announced the .360 Buckhammer, which is a rimmed straight-wall round based on a .30/30 that takes a .358-caliber bullet. It is geared toward deer hunters in straight-wall states who fancy lever-actions—and Henry Repeating Arms, which has partnered with Remington on the Buckhammer, is rolling out three different models this coming year.

We just did a review of the cartridge (link here), but as far as Henry goes, they will be producing .360 Buckhammers in their Lever Steel, Lever X, and Henry Side Gate lines. The Lever Steel has glossy blued metal work and walnut furniture, the Lever X features a synthetic stock with a small section of Picatinny rail on the fore-end, and the Henry Side Gate has a hardened polished brass receiver and upgraded wood.

Savage A-22 Takedown

savage a22 takedown

A notable rimfire introduction for 2023 is the Savage A-22 takedown. The A-22 family has seen some great success, and unlike many semi-auto rimfire families that begin with a .22 LR model, the A-22 began with the A-17 in .17 HMR, followed by one in .22 WMR, and .22 LR. The platform uses rotary magazines, has a variety of styles, and has proven to be a good, reliable .22 rifle. A takedown model is a logical next step in the lineup.

The Savage A-22 takedown was introduced late in 2022 and comes apart with a simple twist. The rifle breaks down into two segments. The rear segment consists of the buttstock and receiver, and the front segment is the barrel and fore end. The low-profile sights are both mounted to the barrel, and the receiver comes with a Picatinny optics rail with a see-through groove that allows the shooter to use the iron sights. The barrel is 18 inches long, made of matte-black-finished carbon steel, and the muzzle is threaded for a suppressor. The buttstock features storage space for three magazines and dry storage in the pistol grip. MSRP $479

Colt CBX

The Colt CBX is one of the new rifles of SHOT Show 2023.

Another new rifle introduction, that’s just in time for SHOT 2023, is the Colt CBX. The CBX is a bolt-action chassis rifle that aims for a foothold in the competitive precision rifle market. The new Colt features an aluminum non-folding chassis that’s adjustable for comb height and length of pull. The Chassis has an angled pistol grip, built-in thumb shelf, and QD sling cups; the handguard has an integral ARCA rail and is compatible with aftermarket weights and other accessories. The rifle uses AICS-pattern magazines and has a barricade stop just forward of the magwell.

The action includes a one-piece Picatinny rail and is compatible with Remington 700-pattern bases. The CBX has a button-rifled carbon-steel barrel with a black nitride finish. The proprietary action has a 60-degree bolt throw. It uses the CZ 600 bolt with a short-claw controlled-feed extractor, and the barrel is secured to the action with a locking ring. The rifle has a user-adjustable trigger that can be set between 2.5 and 5 pounds. Initial offerings of the Colt CBX will be in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 with 26- and 24-inch barrels respectively. MSRP: $1,899

Fierce Firearms MTN Reaper

The Fierce Firearms MTN Reaper is one of the new rifles of SHOT Show 2023.

Fierce Firearms, based in Redmond, Utah, has been building both premium production and semi-custom hunting rifle packages, and they have earned a strong following. I was very impressed with the CT Rival rifle I tested and reviewed last year, and they have several new models for 2023. The MTN Reaper is a streamlined version of their Reaper chassis rifle and should be an excellent and accurate option for hunters who are looking to go light.

The precision machined two-lug action and Fierce C3 carbon-fiber barrel sit in a light magnesium chassis that’s decked with a carbon-fiber free-float M-LOK tube and folding adjustable stock and cheekpiece, as well as an Ergo pistol grip. The rifle includes a NIX muzzle brake and zero-MOA optics rail, and comes chambered in several short- and long-action cartridges. It has a Bix’n Andy adjustable trigger and uses AccurateMag Detachable magazines. It’s a streamlined platform that should shoot great and pack easy. Short action models weight 5.8 pounds, and long-action models come in at 6.6 pounds. Chamberings include 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 7mm PRC, 7mm Rem Mag, .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag., and .300 PRC. MSRP: Starting at $3,399

Ruger AR 556 MPR with Proof Barrel

Ruger MPR with proof barrel

Ruger is expanding their line of AR 556 Multi-Purpose Rifles with this new model that has an 18-inch Proof Research barrel. This is a sleek-looking, precision-oriented AR-style rifle that would be great for target shooting or predator hunting. The highlight is, of course, the Proof Research barrel, but it has some other nice features too.

The Ruger MPR with Proof Barrel is chambered in .223 Wylde, a chamber that safely accepts both .223 Rem. and 5.56 x 45mm ammunition. Sometimes pressure issues can occur when trying to fire 5.56mm ammo in a .223 Rem. Chamber, and the Wylde chambering curtails that. The rifle comes with a rifle-length gas tube. It also has a flat-top receiver, free-float aluminum M-LOK-compatible handguard, and both have Picatinny rail along the entire top for mounting optics, flip-up sights, or accessories. This MPR comes with a Magpul PRS Lite stock that’s adjustable for comb height and length of pull to fit the individual shooter. The bolt carrier and gas key are chrome-plated, and the rifle has a two-stage trigger that should break right at 4.5 pounds. MSRP: $2049

Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical

Mossberg Patriot LR Tactical

Mossberg has established its Patriot family of rifles as good-quality, accurate, and budget friendly, and they’ve always been solid performers in our testing. The new Patriot LR Tactical has a more honed focus on precision shooting. The rifle is built around the two-lug, push-feed Patriot action and is housed in an adjustable and semi-customizable MDT chassis. It has a medium-bull carbon-steel barrel with a matte blued finished and threaded muzzle. It will be available in 6.5 Creedmoor and .308 Win. with 22-inch barrels, and 6.5 PRC with a 24-inch barrel.

The Patriot LR Tactical’s MDT chassis uses V-Block aluminum bedding and has a nice vertical grip, adjustable length of pull, and a height-adjustable reverse comb. The fore-end features M-Lok slots on the bottom and sides. The rifle includes a 20-MOA Picatinny rail, and Mossberg’s “Lightning Bolt Action” user-adjustable trigger that’s found on many Patriot rifles. The trigger guard is slightly oversized, and it has a large paddle magazine release just in front of it. The Patriot LR Tactical comes with a metal AICS-pattern magazine and is compatible with other aftermarket AICS mags. MSRP: $1,085

Proof Research Ascension High Country Hunter

The Proof Research Ascension High Country Hunter is one of the new rifles of SHOT Show 2023.

This year, Proof is adding to their portfolio of premium, accurate hunting rifles with the Ascension. It’s a mountain hunter’s dream; an ultralight, ultra-accurate, and durable hunting rifle that exhibits great attention to detail. It has a Monte-Carlo-style stock with a semi-vertical grip with deep fluting for excellent thumb pad placement. It has a Proof Sendero-contour carbon-fiber match-grade barrel and boasts a sub-half-MOA accuracy guarantee.

The Ascension is built on a Zermatt Arms titanium receiver with split rail scope bases and a BDL magazine. The bolt has a medium-sized modified-ball handle that’s easy to cycle, but not heavy. The stock is carbon fiber and made by Proof. It’s custom-bedded, and the rifle has a TriggerTech trigger. Multiple colors and patterns are available, and Proof’s rifles typically display excellent fitting and finish work; we saw this on the Proof Tundra in our 2022 gun test. The Ascension High Country Hunter weighs between 5 pounds, 5 ounces, and 6 pounds, 4 ounces, and is available in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 7mm PRC, 7mm Rem Mag, 28 Nosler, .308 Win., 300 Win. Mag, .300 WSM, and 300 PRC. MSRP: $7,699

Winchester Wildcat Sporter SR

The Winchester Wildcat Sporter SR is one of the new rifles of SHOT Show 2023.

Winchester’s semi-auto .22 LR rifle, the Wildcat gets a more classic look this year in the Wildcat Sporter and Sporter SR models. The Wildcat, which is a fun and accurate semi-auto .22, has always sported a futuristic synthetic stock and non-traditional look. The Wildcat Sporter SR has a handsome wood stock that gives the rifle great lines and a classic feel. It still has the easily-removable lower receiver assembly and on-board sight tool storage.

The Wildcat Sporter SR is a sleek little .22 that still has the positive attributes of the futuristic-looking Wildcat models. It has an integrated Picatinny rail atop the receiver for easy mounting of a scope or red dot optic. The Wildcat still has an adjustable rear ghost ring sight that can be tuned for both windage and elevation. It uses the same 10-round rotary magazine that is easy to remove. The rifle has a blued finish, and the 16.5-inch barrel has a ramp front sight, and the SR model has a ½-28 threaded muzzle for using a suppressor. MSRP: $369

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Stevens Model 334 Walnut

Stevens 334 Walnut

Another wood-stocked introduction for 2023 is the Stevens 334 Walnut. This deer-woods bolt action comes in at an affordable price and three calibers: .243 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, and .308 Win. A synthetic-stocked model is available, but this one comes with a Turkish walnut stock; it’s a classic-looking hunting rifle with a modern short-throw action.

The stock is simple and sleek, with a slender rounded fore-end, and it has subtle-but-elegant fluting behind the grip. The 334 Walnut has a free-floated 20-inch carbon-steel barrel and a push-feed carbon-steel action with a 60-degree bolt throw. The bolt on this model has a silver finish and a nice large bolt handle. The rifle uses detachable magazines with rounded corners that are reminiscent of the Lee Enfield’s magazines, and it comes with a 3- and a 5-round mag. The action is drilled and tapped in a Savage M110 pattern and includes a steel Picatinny rail for optics mounting. It has a three-position safety just behind the bolt, and a two-stage adjustable trigger. MSRP: $389


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