New Handguns of SHOT Show 2023

Here’s a first look at some of the most interesting new handguns from SHOT 2023

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A highlight of SHOT show is seeing many of the new handguns that are being released for the year. We’ve pounded the aisles, the range, and the press releases of this massive firearms industry trade show to bring you this list of new handguns for 2023. Many of these guns are being newly introduced this week, but there are a few in the lineup that have been introduced previously but are finally shipping now. It’s sure to be a busy year of testing for the OL crew as we continue to test the latest pistols to hit the market.

Savage 1911

The Savage 1911 is one of the new handguns from SHOT Show 2023.

In 2022, Savage re-entered the handgun market with the Stance 9mm pistol. This year, they’re taking on the classic 1911. Savage is coming out swinging, offering their new 1911 pistols in six different color/finish variations, and two different calibers (.45 ACP and 9mm). Each color variation is available with or without an accessory rail. These new handguns have a capacity of 8+1 and 10+1 rounds in .45 and 9mm respectively.

The Savage 1911’s may have different finish color options, but they all feature forged stainless-steel frames and slides, and 5-inch stainless barrels. The pistols have machined tool steel sears and disconnectors, and stainless-steel hammers. They feature a dual recoil spring with GI-style guide rods and barrel bushings. On the exterior, they are sleek-looking with front and rear cocking serrations, Novak low-mount rear sights, and white-dot front sights. Variations with tritium night sights are available too. They have G10 grip scales, a machined texture backstrap and are smooth on the front of the grip. These 1911’s should have ambidextrous safety levers and should be good shooters. MSRP: $1,349-$1,449

Smith & Wesson M&P 9 M2.0 Metal

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Introduced in the fall of 2022, the M&P 9 M2.0 Metal gives the popular striker-fired pistol line a metal-frame option. The M&P pistol M2.0 pistol line has been highly successful, and now shooters can get one with a lightweight aluminum frame (similar to that of the Smith & Wesson CSX). The aluminum frame features an inlaid polymer stipple-textured grip panel on the front of the grip and comes with the interchangeable polymer grip palm swell panels we’ve seen on other M&P M2.0 pistols.

The M&P 9 M2.0 Metal has the same shape, dimensions and ergonomics as the polymer-framed pistols, and it has a three-slot accessory/light rail forward of the trigger guard. It has a trigger-bar safety and ambidextrous slide stop controls. The slide has forward and rear cocking serrations, steel 3-white-dot sights, and is cut for an optic. It has a stainless-steel 4.25-inch barrel, and uses standard M&P M2.0 17-round magazines. MSRP: $899

Staccato 2011 CS

The Staccato C2 is one of the new handguns from SHOT Show 2023.

Staccato 2011 (the company formerly known as STI) has been cranking out high-quality hammer-fired pistols for a lot of years, and their name is synonymous with quality 2011 pistols. Although the definition of a 2011 is somewhat fluid, it is essentially a modern double-stack 9mm 1911, but rather than a full metal frame, the frame terminates at the top of the grip, and the pistols use a polymer grip module. The CS is Staccato’s new compact model. It’s designed to bring the reliability and shootability of the full-size 2011 pistols to a carry gun.

The Staccato CS has a compact aluminum frame and weighs just 23 ounces unloaded. It has a stainless 3.5-inch bull barrel and a crisp 4- to 4.5-pound black anodized aluminum curved trigger. This new Staccato uses dedicated 16-round magazines that allow for a slightly narrower 1.2-inch grip width than on other 2011 models. It has a fiber-optic front sight and Dawson Precision Optic system rear sight plate installed. The CS has a skeletonized hammer and both front and rear cocking serrations, as well as ambidextrous safety levers and a single-slot accessory rail on the frame. MSRP $2,499

Oracle Arms 2311

The Oracle Arms 2311 9mm is one of the new handguns from SHOT Show 2023.

This new pistol from Oracle Arms aims to take advantage of the ever-increasing popularity of 2011-style pistols. Called, the 2311, the design is a blend of 2011 and Sig-Sauer P320 looks, parts, and ergonomics. The 2311 has a P320-looking slide and uses P320 magazines. This could be a great advantage, being that quality 2011 magazines are typically very expensive. Sig P320 magazines are readily available, dependable, and about $10 to $20 cheaper for OEM Sig Mags. The pistols will ship with Oracle Arms-branded P320 magazines, and they should start moving in March.

Although the 2311 does have some of the looks (and magazines) of the Sig P320, it’s a hammer-fired pistol that uses a 1911-style fire control unit and trigger. Like Staccato 2011 pistols, the metal frame terminates at the top of the grip, and the grip itself is a separate “grip module.” The pistol has ambidextrous safety levers, a large magwell, and an extra-long beavertail. The 2311 will be available in several models ranging from compact to competition, and there’s no doubt that many shooters are eager to get their hands on one of these new handguns. MSRP: $1,699-$3,000

FN 510 Tactical

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The new FN 510 Tactical is a striker-fired 10mm pistol that’s feature-rich and modeled after FN’s popular 509 series. This pistol adds even more variety to the growing striker-fired 10mm category and should be another good option for backcountry carry. The grip and frame are contoured and textured to help the shooter manage the sharper recoil of the 10mm cartridge and it’s one of the few 10mm pistols that provides fully ambidextrous controls.

The FN 510 Tactical has a 4.71-inch barrel that’s threaded to accept a suppressor or compensator. It comes with a flush 15-round magazine and an extended mag that holds 22 rounds of 10mm. That might seem a little excessive to some, but when things go sideways, ammo goes fast. If carried in a chest rig, it holds a lot of firepower at the ready. The 510 sports a crisp trigger that breaks at about six pounds, and suppressor-height night sights. It comes standard with an optics cut and plates to mount many popular red dot sights. The sights are tall enough to co-witness through even some of the thicker-bodied reflex sights. MSRP $ XXXX

Glock G47

Glock G47

The most prominent release for Glock this SHOT season is the new G47. There aren’t any major departures from well-known and well-liked Glock features, rather, a fine-tuning of sorts. In layman’s terms, the G47 is essentially a G17-length MOS slide that’s mounted on a Gen 5 G45 frame. The frame does not extend to the front end of the slide, unlike most Glock models, and it looks like the G34’s style.

The G47 frame is ergonomically sound and features interchangeable backstraps and raised grid-pattern texturing. Like other contemporary Glock frames, it lacks finger grooves; many shooters were grinding them off anyway. The frame has a single-slot accessory rail that will accept a light. Like the G45, the frame has a full-size grip like you’d see on a G17, but the overall frame length of a G19. The slide is the same overall length as the G17 and features front and rear cocking serrations and an MOS optics cut. It accepts standard 17-round double-stack G17, G19X, G34, and G45 magazines as well. READ NEXT: Best Glocks of 2023

Avidity Arms PD10

The Avidity Arms PD10 is one of the new handguns from SHOT Show 2023.

First announced at SHOT in 2016, the PD10 hadn’t quite got its legs under it until now. Designed by Rob Pincus in conjunction with Avidity Arms, the PD10 is designed to be an ideal carry pistol; and is now available as a production gun. The PD10 is a polymer-framed pistol that’s similar in size to a Glock G19, but slimmer. The PD10’s frame is designed for shooter-friendly ergonomics and a secure grip. It has texturing on the front and back of the grip and a short two-slot accessory rail.

The PD10 uses 10-round 9mm 1911 single-stack magazines. The slide features rear cocking serrations and tapered beveling at the front of the slide to reduce hang-ups on clothing or holsters. It features an Ameriglow Luma Glow front sight and I.C.E. Claw rear sight that the gun can be racked against a barrier. It’s an affordable, well-thought pistol that should be one of the hit new handguns for concealed carry. MSRP: $599 ($625 w/optics cut)

Taurus TX22 Compact

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The Taurus TX22 is a great .22 semi-auto pistol, and the TX22 competition was one of our favorite handguns of 2022. This year, Taurus is announcing a smaller version, the TX22 compact. The TX22 is one of few .22 pistols to successfully use a staggered-column, think double-stack, magazine. The TX22 Compact is smaller, but still holds 13 rounds of .22 LR; that’s more than most full-size .22 pistols hold.

The TX22 Compact has a small polymer frame with ambidextrous safeties and low-profile right-handed slide stop and magazine catch controls. The frame has futuristic lines and an accessory rail for mounting a light or laser forward of the trigger guard. The barrel is threaded for installation of a suppressor thread adapter and is flush with the end of the slide. The slide is vented and has front and rear cocking serrations. It comes with a white-dot front sight and serrated rear sight. Standard on the TX22 Compact is an optics cut and cover plate. The cut is compatible with Holosun K footprint optics. MSRP $399

Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy

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In the second half of 2022, Springfield released their 1911 DS Prodigy. It’s their crack at the popular 2011 and 2011-style pistol category and looks similar to the Staccato P model. Staccato trademarked the term “2011,” but the Springfield Prodigy is certainly made in the same style. It’s a 9mm double-stack 1911 with a frame and slide forged from carbon steel. Like 2011’s and other 2011-style pistols, it has a polymer grip module that connects to the frame behind the trigger guard.

The Springfield Prodigy functions as any 1911 would. It has grip and thumb safeties, has a single-action trigger, and is hammer-fired. The firing pin, spring, and the extractor are all 1911. The Prodigy has a bull-barrel that doesn’t use a bushing, and the full-length, two-piece guide rod is assembled and disassembled with an Allen key through what would be the recoil spring plug on a standard 1911. I got ahold of a Springfield Prodigy in December and fired close to 1,100 rounds through it before writing my full review. It’s a smooth-shooting pistol that performs well for its price range. MSRP $1,499


Dan wesson DWX

CZ has announced that the DWX, result of a collaboration between CZ and Dan Wesson, is finally now shipping. The DWX is a competition/recreational pistol that’s a meld of CZ ergonomics and a 1911. At first glance, it looks very much like the CZ 75, TS, and TS 2 pistols, but there’s much more to it. The DWX has the crisp 1911 fire control group of a Dan Wesson, but the ergonomics of the CZ 75. It has 1911-style controls like the safety lever and slide stop but takes CZ 75 aluminum grip scales. The steel frame is checkered on the front and back of the grip and has a long Picattiny rail for accessory mounting.

The DWX uses the 19-round magazines that the CZ striker-fired pistol, the P-10, uses. It doesn’t have a grip safety but does feature a sweeping beavertail that allows the shooter to use a high, tight grip and control recoil. The DWX is chambered in 9mm and has a 4.95-inch match-grade barrel. The slide has front and rear cocking serrations and uses a HAJO adjustable rear sight and fiber-optic front sight. MSRP $2,099

Rock Island Armory RIA 5.0 ST

The RIA 5.0 ST is one of the new handguns from SHOT Show 2023.

The RIA 5.0 is a new 9mm pistol that resembles a blend of CZ and Sig P320 features. This full-size 9mm has a rounded rectangular slide that sits low in its full-length frame. The bore axis is low, and the grip is high, which should make it a flat-shooting gun. The ST model comes with Dawson Precision iron sights and the other OS comes with no iron sights, but a C More RS II red dot sight.

The new RIA 5.0 ST has a steel slide, aluminum frame, and a black Cerakote finish on both. The frame has a long accessory rail, and the nylon grips have a rough stipple texture. The pistol has RIA’s new patented RVS recoil system that’s meant to soften recoil impulse and make the RIA 5.0 more controllable. It’s unique, rectangular-profile barrel is 4.91 inches long and sits low in relation to the grip. The gun has simple controls, uses 17-round magazines, and a crisp 4-pound flat trigger with a trigger-bar safety. MSRP $998

Smith & Wesson Equalizer

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Announced in November of 2022, Smith & Wesson brings a new concealed carry pistol to the market: the S&W Equalizer. Smith & Wesson has been targeting the compact carry pistol market hard with their Shield line and micro-compact 9mm’s like the CSX, and now they’ve got another. The Equalizer is a new micro-compact that looks a bit like the Shield EZ, but with a slightly different slide and grip contour. It’s been designed to make the pistol more controllable, easier to operate, and more versatile than other models.

The Equalizer is a polymer-framed semi-auto that has an externally visible grip safety like the Shield EZ has. Like the EZ and the CSX pistols, the Equalizer is a single-action, hammer-fired pistol that has an internal hammer rather than a striker. IT’s got a slim stipple-textured grip, ambidextrous slide stops, and a reversible magazine catch button. The frame also has a Picatinny rail for mounting a light or laser. This pistol has a 3.675-inch barrel, which is longer than what most micro-compact 9mm’s sport. It’s compatible with Shield Plus magazines and includes one each 10-, 13-, and 15-round mags. The slide has deep cocking serrations front and back, comes with white-dot sights and an optic cut. MSRP $599

Lionheart Industries Vulcan 9

lionheart industries Vulcan 9 pistol

A new introduction for 2023 from Lionheart Industries, who makes the Regulus, just released details on the Vulcan 9 pistol that should start shipping in April. It’s designed to be a combat-ready, hammer-fired 9mm pistol that’s packed with smart features. They will have their proprietary double-action-plus, which allows the shooter to select single or double-action trigger pulls. The Vulcan 9 will hold 15 rounds and has an aluminum frame with polymer grip panels, and a steel slide.The Vulcan 9 has many unique features, including the 3.7-inch “true-axis” stainless or black-nitride-coated barrel, and integrated Gas Pedal thumb rest that’s incorporated into the grip panel itself. The slide has aggressive cocking serrations on the front, back, and top, and ships optics-ready, requiring no adapter plates. It accepts the Holosun 407k/507k, the Shield RMSc, Trijicon RMRcc, SIG RomeoZero Elite and other optics that use the Shield RMSc or Trijicon RMRcc footprints. The Vulcan 9  has an ambidextrous safety and reversible mag catch button. You can go with fiber-optic or tritium night sights, and the sights can be co-witnessed through most red dot optics. MSRP $1,200

Lone Wolf Arms Dusk 19

Lone Wolf Dusk 19

Lone Wolf Arms is one of the most well-known sources for aftermarket Glock barrels, slides, and parts, and have their own new handguns to introduce at SHOT show 2023. They’ve been building complete Glock clones for awhile, and I’ve been carrying one of their Timberwolf 10mm pistols for years. Lone wolf’s frames are designed to come from the factory looking and feeling like what many shooters self-modify their Glock frames to be.

The Dusk 19 is a Glock 19 clone that could be described as a Shadow Systems sort of gun; a highly optimized Glock. The Frame has excellent texturing and a more vertical grip angle than Glocks, as well as interchangeable back strap inserts. The trigger guard has a deep undercut and thin bottom profile to facilitate a tight, high grip on the gun. The Dusk 19 also features a PVD coated barrel and slide, as well as an optics cut and night sights. MSRP: $650

Smith & Wesson M&P 5.7

smith & wesson 5.7

Smith & Wesson has had several recent introductions, and one that’s getting lots of chatter is the new M&P 5.7 pistol, chambered in the tiny 5.7x28mm. Pistols chambered in this niche sub-gun category aren’t new, but they are relatively few. The Smith’s two main competitors are from FN and Ruger, and the new M&P promises features and performance at half the price of the FN. The 5.7×28 is unique in a handgun because of its capacity potential and velocity. The new M&P 5.7 holds 22 rounds of ammunition.

The M&P 5.7 has some unique features compared to other pistols in the M&P line. Rather than being recoil or blowback operated like most pistols, the action is gas operated and features a locking breech that doesn’t open until the bullet it past the gas port. Like some of Smith & Wesson’s other pistols, the 5.7 is internally hammer-fired, not striker-fired, and it features a long 5-inch threaded barrel. Most other 5.7x28mm pistols don’t come with a threaded barrel, but many rimfire cans are rated for the cartridge, and the pistol should function without a recoil booster. MSRP: $699

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