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Biggest 6-Pointer Ever with Bow & Arrow?

April_18_07 Next to a drop-tine monster I am obsessed with shooting a big old 6-pointer, like this one. A 4- or 5-year-old 6-point is a lot rarer than a buck with a drop; I’ve never seen one even half this large, have you?

The email I got with this picture is sketchy on details, but it said that Burt Eichstaedt shot the brute near Milwaukee, WI last fall (Packers sweatshirt a giveaway?). It purportedly broke the state record and might be the biggest 6-point whitetail buck ever killed with bow and arrow (158 2/8″ gross and 155 4/8″ net Pope and Young). Nine and 11″ brow tines, 22″ wide.

Any of you WI ZONERS know more?

Hell of a buck and looks like the fellow with the shed had been hunting the old 6 for a while, way to go!