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Official: Biggest Buck Ever for a Female Bowhunter!

Feb_20_07 Deb Luzinski of Woodbury, MN is a member of the Metro Bowhunters Resource Base, an organization that helps to thin out deer in urban areas in and around the Twin Cities.

One day last October Deb helped to coordinate an archery hunt at a regional park in Ramsey County. After recording the stand locations of 15 other archers in the park, she picked a spot that nobody else wanted to hunt.

Deb hung her stand near a little swamp and climbed up for a short evening hunt, hoping to bust a doe. Cattails rustled and a 10-pointer popped out. Deb bleated, and the buck closed to 50 yards.

More cattails crunched and a giant non-typical stormed onto the scene. The 10-pointer snort-wheezed, but quickly backed down. Deb bleated again and the gnarly giant came in. The 38-year-old veteran archer and mother of two calmly made the 17-yard shot.

Deb sent me this follow-up email the other day on her great buck:

Hey Mike: I had the official score done on December 26, 2006. The rack was measured by Dave Boland of Chatfield, MN, a veteran scorer for both P&Y and B&C. The buck had 24 scoreable points and scored 228 2/8 gross and 222 2/8 net. This is the #2 largest all-time non-typical archery kill for MN, and the #1 largest non-typical archery kill for a woman in North America. Thanks, Deb.

My prediction: No woman will ever top Deb’s incredible buck, certainly never on park land in an urban environment. Truly a public-land giant for the ages.