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New Mechanical Broadhead Creates ‘Havoc’ for Deer, Big Game

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The Havoc is the newest addition to G5’s line of lethal broadheads. Known for making high quality fixed and mechanical broadheads, G5 has now entered the 2-blade mechanical market with the Havoc.

The Havoc is designed and engineered to create massive wound channels with a 2+ inch-cutting diameter. G5’s two-blade Havoc is the company’s first mechanical broadhead to feature Swiss Steel LUTZ blades. LUTZ blades are known for their unmatched sharpness. The blades on the Havoc lock in using the new Posi-Lock blade retention system, which eliminates the need for o-rings and rubber bands, creating a no-hassle system for hunters.

Featuring G5s new balanced blade deployment system, the blades on the Havoc always deploy simultaneously, ensuring bigger and more consistent entrance holes. Blades are quickly and easily replaced with the new blade cartridge system.

At the front end of the Havoc is a bone crushing chisel tip to ensure deep penetration.

“Every year we strive to produce some of the world’s best hunting broadheads that assure hunters accurate flight and quick kills,” stated Joel Harris, Brand Manager for G5 Outdoors. “2012 is no different, as we prepare to release one of sharpest and most lethal broadheads available in today’s industry.”

I’ve hunted and successfully taken down big game with several of G5’s broadheads including the Montec, Striker and T3, and have always been thoroughly impressed by the construction of these broadheads and their quality. After seeing the Havoc at the 2012 ATA Trade Show, G5 has once again created a quality broadhead that I look forward to putting to the test this fall.

The Havoc is available for both compound bows and crossbows in 100 and 125 grains, and comes with a practice broadhead and G5 window decal. Look for the G5 Havoc to hit store shelves in August 2012 with an MSRP of $47.95.