Record Mako

Sharks will always draw a crowd and the one that 20-year-old Taylor Sears of Scituate, Mass. hung on the dock scales the other day was no different. But it was really quite different--perhaps the biggest male mako shark ever caught on a rod and reel.

Sears, a summertime charterboat mate, and crew were fishing for bluefin tuna in the southwest corner of Stellwagon Bank on Thursday when they hooked into a tuna. After a 45-minute fight, the big shark decided that it was time to eat and chomped the tuna in half. A quick re-rig and Sears was shark fishing and hooked the mako within minutes. It took two-hours to boat the 624-pounder.

Whereas many larger makos have been taken on hook and line, most big fish are females. Shark specialist Greg Skomal of the Division of Marine Fisheries, says that the 10-foot fish is the largest ever male mako recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.

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