Scozzafava and Hoffman Campaigns Take Pass on Gun Rights Questionnaire

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David Codrea notes in his Oct. 24 blog that both candidates for New York’s 23rd Congressional District — including one endorsed by the NRA — have declined top answer his Gun Rights Political Questionnaire, which he filed with their campaigns “to see if it could be useful in further defining the level of understanding and commitment the candidates have for the right to keep and bear arms. I did, and let the campaigns know I would make their responses available to readers here.”

But, no response.

The NRA has endorsed Dede Scozzafava for Congress because, it claims, she has “been a strong and consistent supporter of the Second Amendment.” Scozzafava did answer the NRA’s federal candidate questionnaire and earned an “A” rating.

“This set off no small amount of criticism from gun owners who view Scozzafava as a ‘liberal’ on a host of other issues,” Cpdrea writes. “And that has been used by her Conservative Party opponent, Doug Hoffman, who makes sure we know he’s an NRA member in his campaign ads (which begin with the Gadsden flag held high).”

The NRA defends its Scozzafava endorsement: “She has always voted in favor of gun rights and she is the only candidate with a proven pro-gun voting record, therefore she received our endorsement. We are a single issue organization that only endorses based on Second Amendment voting records.

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