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Crimson Trace Introduces Laser Grip Lightguard for 1911s

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“When laser grips and other attachable lights first came onto the market, a lot of traditional shooters said, “Nobody wants or needs that,” says Miles Hall, owner of the H&H Shooting Sports Complex, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. “Now, it seems like almost everyone’s got to have one. They’re really popular with women, especially first time buyers of handguns, because they take the fear out of aiming a pistol.”

With this in mind, Crimson Trace introduces a powerful, 100-lumen weapon light for the 1911 handgun. Building on the success of its Lightguard platform for polymer handguns, Crimson Trace’s engineers designed the new light, the 1911 Lightguard, to fit America’s most popular pistol. And the light can easily be attached without the services (and the cost) of a gunsmith.

The 1911 Lightguard is no wider than the pistol it fits and is shorter than the dust cover, resulting in a form that is easy to holster, conceal and carry. The Lightguard operates either as a standalone unit or may be used in conjunction with Crimson Trace Lasergrips. When used with Lasergrips, the target is illuminated with blinding white light, while a bright laser dot shows exactly where the bullet should hit.

The new Lightguard boasts a two-hour run time from one CR2 battery and features a master on/off switch to disable the unit for range practice. Crimson Trace is currently working with major holster manufacturers to ensure that users have a number of leather and Kydex options available to carry their Lightguard-equipped pistol. The product should be available in May.

MSRP: $199