Here’s a confession for you: I don’t like shooting from a bench. It’s boring, it beats up my shoulder, and it does little to advance marksmanship ability. So when I sight-in a rifle, my goal is efficiency. I want to get in, get out, and get back to something fun like practicing field-shooting positions, plinking away at reactive targets or going hunting.

Therefore I’m constantly on the lookout for inventive ways to save on time and ammo at the bench. Here’s the most streamlined approach I’ve ever tried.

First, bore-sight the rifle to ensure you’re either on paper or pretty darn close. Then, head to the range with a vise or a friend — you’ll need the means to hold the rifle absolutely steady for this exercise.

Center the crosshair on the target and send a round downrange. Assuming you are on paper, there will be a hole, or “Point of Impact” (POI), in the target. Now, here’s where the vise (ideally) or your friend comes into play. Re-center the crosshair on the target and, while ensuring the gun is absolutely steady, use the adjustment knobs on your scope to move the crosshair from the center of the target to the center of your POI.

Fire a second shot — if you did everything correctly, your POI should be nearly centered on the target. You’re almost sighted in already, and you will be after just a few more small tweaks. You’ve got three shots to shoot a group and make sure you’re right on target.

Sure beats shooting round after round, and slowly walking your POI toward the target. Give it a try. It really works.

This is my favorite way to sight-in a rifle. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments section!