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New Gear: The Rem Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning System

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When I was a kid learning about firearms and hunting, the basic gun cleaning kit consisted of a set of rickety, aluminum screw-together sections, with an attachment for patches and a metal bristle or two. I don’t know how many times I knocked over the solvent, pushing that patch and attachment into the bottle. Or the number of scratches I made across the rifling, the rods bending and twisting while in the bore!

Wish I had one of the new generation of pull-through, patch-less gun cleaners like Remington’s new Rem Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning System.

First you pull a brush and bore cleaner or solvent through the barrel. Then you follow up with the Rem Squeeg-E. Made of form-fitting polymers, the Squeeg-E creates a tight seal inside the bore, flexing just enough to make contact with the bottom of the lands and grooves. Attached to the Rem Flex Rod Cable, the Squeeg-E pushes broken up fouling in front of the seal, quickly cleaning the bore.

This 34-piece system includes all the tools needed to clean almost any firearm, from a .22 caliber handgun to a 12-gauge shotgun. And it is conveniently packed in a green canvas range bag with shoulder strap. The range bag carries up to four boxes of shotgun shells or eight boxes of rimfire or centerfire ammunition.

The Rem Squeeg-E Universal Gun Cleaning system also includes Rem All In Bore Cleaner, a water-based solution that cuts carbon, copper and lead to deliver a high performance, mirror-like finish. Cleaning instructions are included.

MSRP: $79.99.