Where has all the ammunition in America gone? While we are starting to see an increasing number of boxes of loaded ammo on gun-store shelves, a lot of those shelves are still painfully bare, just as they have been for the last three years.

Ask a dozen people in those stores about the cause of the ammo shortage, and you’ll get plenty of speculation. Ammo-shortage theories are just like elbows–everybody has as least one.

Homeland Security is stockpiling all the .223 rounds in the country… The Postal Service has warehouses full of ammo, driving up the price so they can sell it to offset the service’s debt… It’s all going to Afghanistan, or Syria, or the Ukraine… Production is being constricted to bring gun owners to our knees…


We wanted real answers, so we turned to the folks who should know: ammunition manufacturers. I sat down with Mark DeYoung, the president and CEO of ATK (the parent company of Federal Ammunition), to ask specifically what’s behind the recent ammunition shortage.