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ARs Modifications for Anti-Gunners

John B. Snow Avatar

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When does an AR-style rifle no longer become scary to anti-gun politicians in places like New York? The answer, it seems, hinges around that nasty, crime-promoting, ergonomic pistol grip. (And you thought that money was the root of all evil.)

So we now have this rifle from Windham Weaponry, a fine bunch of gun makers in Maine, most of whom used to work at the original Bushmaster factory before it was moved out of state by the Freedom Group.

I haven’t shot it, but I’m sure it goes bang every time you pull the trigger. But because it no longer has a pistol grip, or the equally dreaded “muzzle device,” it is supposedly okay to own in New York.

Windham Weaponry isn’t the only company trying to figure out how to “de-evil” the AR. The AR-15 Receiver Spur (see photo below) is a product designed to replace the standard AR pistol grip with a handhold (of sorts) that meets New York’s new gun restrictions.

I don’t know how well this thing works either, but I can guess that while it does nothing to impeded rapid shooting (the “spraying” of bullets in anti-gun speak), it certainly won’t improve shooter accuracy. And that’s just what we want, right? Less accurate rifles.