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Sasquatch Fever

Yoopers, those northwoods-loving, huntin’, fishin’ and trappin’ folks who inhabit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (hence the moniker: U-P’ers) will likely be quite amused next month when members of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (yes, you read right) converge on the area around Manistique to search for the fabled hairy beast they believe roams the backcountry there.Bigfoot

The Escanaba Daily Press reports that the expedition will center in eastern Marquette County, the site of a recent witness account of something resembling Mr. Sasquatch, according to BFRO field investigator Matthew Moneymaker.

“We hope to accomplish several things. First is a direct sighting, and to record that sighting. We’ll be looking for evidence supporting a presence. We are going to study the environment, which is typically remote. And we hope to meet local people who might have seen a Sasquatch or heard of someone else who had an encounter,” Moneymaker told the local paper.

Moneymaker said exact expedition locations would remain confidential.

OK, when you think of Michigan’s most famous outdoorsman, hunter and most-likely-to-be-in-the-woods kind of guy, who immediately comes to mind?Ted_nugent

Of course, it’s got to be Ted Nugent, a man who I’m reasonably confident would not mind a whit if I referred to him as “the original hairy beast from Michigan.”

Wouldn’t you love to see what would happen if Mr. Moneymaker and company had a close encounter with Michigan’s Numero Uno Wild Man, deep in the dark hemlock forests of the U.P.?

A future episode of Wanted, Ted or Alive!? (Episode title: “Sasquatch Fever”)

Incidentally, in a potential “Ted Hunts Bigfoot” segment, my money’s on The Nuge.