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Video of a Man Chucking a Rabid Bobcat Is Taking the Internet by Storm

Home security footage captures a rabid bobcat attacking a couple outside their North Carolina home
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Screenshot of a man holding a bobcat.
A North Carolina man holds a rabid bobcat aloft, before hurling him across the yard. TMZ YouTube

Here it is: Your viral video of the day. A woman in suburban North Carolina was attacked by a bobcat while heading to her car with a pet carrier, according to TMZ. The entire episode is captured by the couple’s home security camera. As we publish this, the video has 10 million views on Twitter. Make sure to turn your device’s volume on to hear the animal’s yowls and the couple’s shouts.

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Is it a legit animal attack or a fake video? At first, it does appear like a scene from a bad sitcom, but with more cussing. The victim’s husband holds the bobcat aloft like a thrashing Simba before hurling it across the manicured lawn. He then pulls his sidearm and gives chase to the fleeing feline. Authorities didn’t specify whether the man actually shot the bobcat, only that the wild cat had died and that it did test positive for rabies.