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Monster Amberjack Could Have Challenged World Record

It might have been the new world record.

Instead it was enjoyed as fish tacos on a Baja beach.

Last week, angler Kevin Shiotani landed an amberjack near Cerralvo Island in the Sea of Cortez after a grueling 25-minute battle that most of the Tailhunter International Sportfishing crew estimated to weigh at least 135 pounds, according to Pete Thomas Outdoors. Had the fish been officially weighed it might have threatened the International Game Fish Association all-tackle world record amberjack caught off Japan in 2010. That fish weighed a whopping 156 pounds.

Word is that no one on the boat was thinking record at the time of the catch.

They were all thinking tacos.

Certified record or not, I bet that was one tasty fish.

Would you have bothered weighing this monster?

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