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Christmas Goose Recipe: How to Sous-Vide a Wild Goose Breast

The ultimate recipe for wild Canada goose
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Stephen Maturen

I usually grind up Canada geese for sausage. I mix in venison and plenty of pork (for the fat) and add either brat or polish sausage spices. It’s a good winter project and results in a freezer full of damn good eating.

But, it’s also kind of cheating. The seasoning and other meats mask the goose flavor, which up until now I thought was necessary. But after trying this sous-vide recipe that my videographer buddy Stephen Maturen perfected, I’ll be saving my goose breasts from the grinder and preparing them this way. The meat was cooked medium-rare, it was fairly tender and juicy, and tasted a lot like roast beef.

With some mashed potatoes and horseradish, this just might be the perfect Christmas goose recipe. Sous-vide cookers are pretty affordable, but you can use the same technique with hot water in a cooler. You just have to monitor the water temperature more closely.