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Duck Hunting: The Ducks Stop Here

In Louisiana, waterfowl is king. To hunters, as well as the local economy.
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duck hunting Louisiana

Duck hunting in Louisiana. Hollis Bennett

We found that although Louisiana is the last stop for millions of wintering ducks in the Mississippi River Flyway—approximately 2,486,000 in 2016—waterfowling’s overall impact on the state is far-reaching. Consider a few facts:

Duck Hunting in Louisiana
A duck boat at the ready. Hollis Bennett

Hunters harvest approximately 3 million ducks in Louisiana each year.

Hunting ducks in Louisiana
Louisiana success. Hollis Bennett

Approximately 97,300 hunters spent 857,100 days afield.

retrieving ducks
A dog at work in the Louisiana marsh. Hollis Bennett

Waterfowling supports more than 1,000 jobs, and adds more than $4.255 million in state tax revenue annually.

Another satisfying day in the marsh. Hollis Bennett