Prime Day 2022: Solo Stove Deals

Smoke-free campfires just got more affordable thanks to Prime Day

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I’ve had a Solo Stove for two years now and I’ve enjoyed many smoke-free camp fires. After seeing the benefits of a Solo Stove, I won’t be going back to a traditional fire ring. Prime Day has great deals on the Solo Stove Bonfire, Campfire, and accessories.

Solo Stove Bonfire

An above shot of a fire in a fire pit
The Solo Stove is a smoke-free experience and easy to clean up. Scott Einsmann

The Solo Stove Bonfire is the mid-size model, and the most popular. During Prime Day you can buy it for 47 percent off, which drops the price to $250. But, Solo Stove is running their own big sale which brings the price to $220. So, for the best deal head to the main Solo Stove site.

Here’s an excerpt from my review on the Solo Stove:
The Solo Stove fire pit doesn’t produce much smoke. You’ll enjoy a campfire without the associated coughing and eye-watering that comes with smokey fires. It’s also effortless to clean up after enjoying a fire because you’re only left with a bit of white ash at the bottom.

The Solo Stove works so well because it burns wood efficiently, but that also means you’ll go through more wood. Another negative is that you can’t fit large pieces of wood in the Solo Stove. It’s restricted to logs 22-inches long or shorter. So, when you’re processing firewood, make sure you cut it short enough to fit inside the stove.

You can read the full review here: Solo Stove Review

Solo Stove Campfire

You can get the Same Solo stove efficiency in a portable camp stove with the Campfire. Prime Day has the Campfire on sale for 56 percent off, which drops the price to $66. The Prime Day price is the same as the price on the main Solo Stove site, so you can choose where you’d rather buy it.

Solo Stove Ranger Bundle

The Ranger is a portable fire ring that’s perfect for car camping, RVs, and patios. Prime Day has the Ranger bundled with everything you need to enjoy a campfire. The bundle includes a cover, stand (keeps heat off the ground), and a shield for reducing the amount of sparks that escape the pit. The total bundle is 30 percent off, which drops the price to just under $290. That’s the best deal out there because a similar package on the Solo Stove site will run you over $300.


Roasting Sticks and Fire Stick Poker

If you want to roast marshmallows over your fire pit, add this accessory package to your cart. It’s 31 percent off and a much lower price than you’ll find on the Solo Stove site.

Solo Stove Bonfire Shield

If you took advantage of the great deal on the Bonfire, consider adding the spark shield to go with it. Sometimes you’ll get firewood that likes to pop and crackle as it burns and it’s nice to have a way to keep those bigger sparks from leaving the fire area. The Solo Stove shield is 31 percent off and Prime Day has the best deal on it.