For deer hunters this time of year, checking trail camera photos can either be a frustratingly tedious chore or as exciting as Christmas Eve. If your SD card is filled with does and dink bucks, you groan.

But then, every once in a while, your cameras capture unique, once-in-a-lifetime images. New England bowhunter Dave Morel recently got some of those. No, they weren’t photos of the next world-record whitetail, but rather of a big bobcat which let curiosity get the best of him.

Trail Cam Photos: Bobcat vs. Scent Dripper
He’s ready to go back up.

Morel pulled SD cards from one of his favorite stand locations—where he had set up a mock scrape under a scent dripper. It turns out, a bobcat wanted to check out his ruse.

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Trail Cam Photos: Bobcat vs. Scent Dripper
A determined bobcat leaps for a scent dripper. Dave Morel

The bobcat leapt and climbed to impressive heights. But ultimately, the scent dripper survived the encounter.

Trail Cam Photos: Bobcat vs. Scent Dripper
Why it thought that a deer would be up a tree is anyone’s guess.