Trail Cam Photos: Bobcat vs. Scent Dripper

Unique trail camera photos make every deer season a little more exciting
Gerry Bethge Avatar

The deer-lure, scent-dripper is just above him.

For deer hunters this time of year, checking trail camera photos can either be a frustratingly tedious chore or as exciting as Christmas Eve. If your SD card is filled with does and dink bucks, you groan.

But then, every once in a while, your cameras capture unique, once-in-a-lifetime images. New England bowhunter Dave Morel recently got some of those. No, they weren’t photos of the next world-record whitetail, but rather of a big bobcat which let curiosity get the best of him.

He's ready to go back up.

Morel pulled SD cards from one of his favorite stand locations—where he had set up a mock scrape under a scent dripper. It turns out, a bobcat wanted to check out his ruse.

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A determined bobcat leaps for a scent dripper. Dave Morel

The bobcat leapt and climbed to impressive heights. But ultimately, the scent dripper survived the encounter.

Why it thought that a deer would be up a tree is anyone's guess.