One of Outdoor Life's central missions has always been comprehensive coverage of outdoor gear, then letting you know what works, what doesn't, and how products can be improved. We give that same honest feedback directly to manufacturers.

We're now using that expertise to develop our own gear under the name OL Guide Life. We're not just putting our name on existing products. OL's experts are involved in the entire process, from concept to design to product testing.

The product line starts where many adventures begin: base camp. Whether you’re hunting elk, or at a lakeside fish camp, or at a campground for the weekend with the family, having a home base that is comfortable and inviting makes every activity more enjoyable.

All of the products in the OL Guide Life line are designed to fulfill that goal. They are built for performance and comfort, using the latest technology and materials, but always with an eye on the 120-year-old heritage of the Outdoor Life brand.

Outdoor Life's hard-earned reputation for trustworthy gear reviews is something we would never jeopardize. We won't make anything that doesn't meet our high standards. Nor we will include OL Guide Life products in any of our usual gear coverage to avoid any conflict of interest.

OL Guide Life is available exclusively from Amazon and at Check out part of the line below. Take us to your base camp. Put us to the test. And let us know what you think.

Bunk House Tents

OL Guide Life Bunk House Tents
Available in four- and six-person configurations, these tents come with a large vestibule and a rainfly. $399–$499Elijah Holland

Catskill Director Chair

OL Guide Life Orange Catskill Director Chair
This padded, sturdy folding chair (complete with cup holder) is the perfect place to park it after a long day afield. holder. $89Lindsay D’Addato

Timber Trail Headlamp

OL Guide Life Timber Trail Headlamp
This reliable headlamp has an adjustable beam that runs on batteries or a rechargable port—your choice. $35–$49Lindsay D’Addato

Cover Art T-Shirt

OL Guide Life Cover Art T-Shirt
Who doesn't love a vintage Outdoor Life cover? Choose between a jumping buck or a fishing bear. Available in Women's and Men's sizes. $28Lindsay D’Addato

Bedroll Sleeping Bags

OL Guide Life Bedroll Sleeping Bags
Get a great night’s sleep in one of our feature-packed sleeping bags, available in a 40- or 15-degree rating. $129–$169Lindsay D’Addato

Cover Art Hoodie

OL Guide Life Cover Art Hoodie
Fight the fall chill with a cozy camp sweatshirt that feature a classic Outdoor Life cover on the back. Available in Women's and Men's sizes. $55Lindsay D’Addato

Cache Creek Duffel

OL Guide Life Cache Creek Duffel
Lug all your outdoor gear in a water-resistant duffel, or use the backpack-style straps to carry the bag like a pack. $109–$129Lindsay D’Addato

Mud Room/Camping Mat

OL Guide Life Mud Room/Camping Mat
These woven camp mats are well-suited for keeping tent floors warm and clean, especially in rugged weather. $15–$50Lindsay D’Addato

Base Camp Lantern

OL Guide Life Base Camp Lantern
These rechargeable little lanterns are great to hang around camp. The larger model will even juice up your phone. $45–$55Lindsay D’Addato