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Best of SHOT Show Day 1

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Swarovski EL Range
This is Swarovski's first step into rangefinding binoculars based off the company's successful EL line. Aside from calling range with the press of a button, these binoculars also have a gradometer angled-shot program that gives you the corrected shooting distance or the angle of the shot. The EL Range comes in 8X42 or 10X42 and weighs less than 32 ounces. The system can accurately judge range out to 2,000 yards. MSRP is about $3,000.
Under Armour Scent Elimination Technology
Under Armour's new scent elimination clothing fights your stink in two ways: 1) it traps human odor by using synthetic zeolites 2) it suppresses bacterial growth that causes odor by utilizing a silver antimicrobial system. What exactly is a zeolite? According to Under Armour, it's a synthetic lava that's superior to carbon. The clothes recharge their scent eliminating abilities when washed. Time will tell if this system works, as Under Armour will roll out more whitetail apparel with this technology.
Trijicon ACOG Crossbow Scope
This 3X scope is made specifically for crossbows and boasts some well-known Trijicon features, like the fiber optic strand that automatically adjusts the brightness level of the reticle based on existing light conditions. No batteries necessary. The scope features a patented range finding system for elk and whitetail deer. Here's how to use it on a deer… Hold the green arrow at the bottom of the deer's stomach. Then look at where his back line matches up along with the hashes on the right. The higher the hash that lines up with the buck's back, the closer he is. The first hash is 30 yards, the second is 40 yards, the third is 50 yards and so on. For elk, use the hashes on the left.
CVA Accura Mountain Rifle
Meet CVA's newest Muzzleloader, the Accura Mountain Rifle. It's light at 6.35 pounds and is compact at 40 inches in overall length. Features include a stainless steel barrel with WeatherGuard exterior coating, adjustable trigger from 3 to 4.75 pounds and one-piece scope mount. MSRP is about $600.
Tenzing TZ 6000
Tenzing is a new product line from Plano Molding company. The company makes high-end hunting packs ranging from fanny packs on up to the big guy featured here. When expanded the TZ 6000 has 6,013 cubic inches of storage space and the company claims it can bear more than 250 pounds. It has a fully adjustable torso suspension and two internal aluminum frame stays. What's most impressive about this pack? Plano says it's backed with a lifetime warrantee.
Perazzi Shotguns
If Monica Bellucci were a shotgun, she'd probably be a Perazzi. This four-gun set of 12, 20, 28 and 410 gauge shotguns is worth a cool $147,917. Which, is even enough to make Ms. Bellucci flinch.
Irish Setter Boots
Irish Setter has a new boot for upland hunters in its "Havoc" line of hunting boots. The new non-insulated 801 Havoc features USA-produced and tanned leather, Gore-Tex bootie and Irish Setter's Flexlock hand-sewn construction In addition, the Havoc features something called Cushin Comfort Tongue Technology, which Irish Setter claims minimizes the uncomfortable pressure some hunters feel from unpadded boot tongues. The 801 has a height of nine niches and weighs three pounds, ten ounces.
Gransfors Bruks Hunter's Axe
This high-end Swedish import features a hand-forged, shaving-sharp head and a premium, hand-fitted 19-inch American hickory handle. The 3 1/4" head is forged thinner than a normal axe for processing game, and has a special rounded and polished "flay poll" for skinning chores. Retail cost $171.
Creepy Beretta Dude
Is it a mannequin, or is it a man? The Beretta booth brings a touch of street performance art to SHOT 2012 with its Living "Xtreme Duckers" display.
Kent Turkey Loads
Turkey hunters will get a new offering from Kent in 2012 with the introduction of Fivestar Penetrator Hybrid turkey load. The "hybrid" part comes from the load's 50/50 mix of Kent's Tungsten Matrix and Diamond Shot. The Penetrator is offered in 12 gauge in both 3 and 3 ½-inch versions , both loaded with #5 shot. Velocity is listed as 1325fps for the 2 ¼ oz. 3 ½-inch load and 1200fps for the 1 7/8 oz 3-inch load.
Shooting Vest Guy
So you say your favorite shooting vest has a lot of patches on it? Move over, poser, and make room for John Ottens' patch-festooned shooting…dress? Ottens says his floor-length "vest" started out as a normal vest about eight years ago, but over time as more patches were sewn on and space became harder to find, he started adding length to the bottom until now his vest reaches the floor. "I've never tried to count how many I have," says Ottens. "But people do ask me that all the time. I do get a lot of comments on it"
Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Forends From Mossberg/L3 Insight Technology
Mossberg has teamed up with L3 Insight Technology to create a new forend equipped with an integrated tactical light. The fixture runs on one CR123 batter, delivers 125 peak lumens (tungsten halogen beam) and provides 90 minutes of continuous run time. The unit has ambidextrous side touch pads that control the light with settings for temporary on, fixed on and strobe. Overall, the unit is a bit thinner than similar forends on the market and ads hardly any weight. It does, however, prevent attaching any rail accessories like a laser sight to the forend, but a tri-rail ring attached in front of the forend would provide plenty of flexibility for attachments and would be worth it for that one time when you need light and are too shaky to find a small switch in pitch blackness. The touchpads are located where your thumb and finger pads natural land when holding a shotgun, making them instantly intuitive to operate, even with gloves. The bottom photo shows the forend attached to a Mossberg Cruiser model with a pistol grip.
ZMB Industries Bleeding Targets
They bleed, but you can't kill them. Well, that's not precisely true, but it could take about 1,000 rounds. These cool 3-D targets have a layer of independent pockets (think bubble wrap with no gaps) full of water soluble, non-toxic paint, similar to what you find in most paintballs. So for every bullet hole, you get a bright discharge of "blood." They can take hundreds of rifle or pistol rounds before they're too beat up to keep shooting, but the fun doesn't end there. There are several round slots in the back of the target where you can place ZMB's Zomboom! Exploding rifle targets and completely destroy the thing with a well-placed shot. The targets come in wolf, coyote and the boar and law-enforcement-geared human target shown here. There is also an extensive line of zombie 3-D targets that are quite a bit gorier, if you're into that kind of thing.
ICE PACK Emergency Preparedness Systems
These sturdy yellow buckets could mean the difference between life and death in a disaster situation, natural or otherwise. The one-person basic essentials ICE PACK (In Case of Emergency) package is a 3-day emergency sustainment system designed to help an individual confront and endure the events of an emergency or disaster. It's packaged to remain fresh and usable for up to five years in easy-to-open bucket containers with glow-in-the-dark labels. The one-person version is stored in four durable, waterproof and resealable containers and includes drinking water, hot meals, planning guides, signaling devices, first aid supplies, a personal hygiene system, emergency lighting and more. Those northeasterners who went through the worst of Hurricane Irene last year know how dicey things can get with the simple loss of utilities for several. This system can help you be as prepared as possible. Packages are offered in 1 person to 4 person sizes. One-person MSRP: $649
Airsoft Minigun
Every once in a while, an item on the SHOT Show floor just causes you to pause and marvel at…the absurdity of it all. You think airsoft guns are a fun, fairly inexpensive hobby? Well, what would a hobby be if people didn't take it to the absolute, ridiculous extreme. This six-barrel, battery operated mini gun from Javelin Airsoft Works weighs about 35 pounds and retails for a staggering $5,000. According to the nice lady at the booth, some people have actually bought this thing. I mean, sure it would be fun to pretend to be Jesse Ventura in Predator or Arnold in T2 with your friends…for an afternoon…if you're 10.
CMMG Tactical Bacon
I dare you make something tasty out of this. Seriously though, these cans of fully cooked bacon have a 10+ year shelf life and are real pork. They could be good in a pinch…but that would have to be a pretty tight pinch for me. Hey, it might be better than Spam.

SHOT Show in Las Vegas is the biggest gun and hunting gear show in the world. These are the guns and products that caught our eye on day 1.