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Mount Your Own Deer Antlers

Save your cash and do your own taxidermy this fall

deer skull cuts diagram

Step 1: Getting Started

Plaques, hangers and braided rope to mount your deer's rack can be purchased from a taxidermist, many local sporting goods' stores, or from major sporting goods' catalog retailers. You can even custom build your own plaque if you have the skills. Tools needed to mount your deer antlers are basic: A drill, wire brushes, Borax, Clorox bleach, drill bits, glue gun and glue, scissors, drywall screws, a hammer, and a few other odds and ends.

This diagram shows how to saw the deer's skull plate for a standard skull mount. A hand saw or hack saw will do the trick.

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borax on skull

Step 2

Borax is a drying agent and helps to clean flesh from the deer's skull.

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clean up skull

Step 3

A wire brush on a bench grinder helps clean up the deer's skull.

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wire brush on skull

Step 4

A wire brush works well on the small crevices of a deer's skull.

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wire brush on antlers

Step 5

The small, fine wire brush is also perfect for cleaning dried blood from the antlers.

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drilling skull plate

Step 6

Drill holes in the skull for mounting to the plaque. Three holes are required.

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skull and drywall screws

Step 7

On a standard skull mount, secure the skull to the mounting plaque with three drywall screws.

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hammering brass tacks

Step 8

Hammer the brass tacks in from the bottom up, working side to side when attaching the cover material on a standard skull mount.

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braided rope on antler bases

Step 9

Secure the braided rope around the antler burrs with glue. A glue gun works well.

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hanging tab on back

Step 10

Screws hold the hanging tab to the mounting plaque. A flush holding bracket can also be used.

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skull mounted on plaque

Step 11

This shows what a finished standard skull mount looks like. You can also use velvet or leather for the skull's covering. This covering is rubber, which is easy to use.

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finished skull mounts

Step 12

Shown are two finished styles of antler mounts you can do yourself; the standard skull mount and the European mount. The European mount is attached with drywell screws from the back side of the plaque. Also, on the European mount, you will need to boil the skull in Clorox bleach until it is clean and white. Don't get bleach on the antlers.

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