3 Reasons Why a New Rangefinder is Better Than Your Old One

Rangefinder technology has improved exponentially and it may be time to replace your outdated model

Ranger Rangefinder
Modern rangefinders can do more than just calculate the distance between two objects. Vortex

Technology moves ahead at a blazing speed, and when it comes to outdoor electronics, products that were top of the line five years ago likely aren’t even ranked as a top 10 product today. It’s no different in the world of laser rangefinders. While the core purpose of one remains to calculate the distance you are from a given object in a thousandth of a second, the new bells and whistles on the latest generation of devices makes them attractive replacements for an outdated model. Here’s a few reasons why a new rangefinder is better than your old one.

Increased Range

Bright Optics

A good model should be able to calculate distances over a mile away. Amazon


As laser technology improves, so has the distance rangefinders can gauge. A short while ago, 500 yards was considered groundbreaking. Now, top of the line models can reach out to calculate the distances of specific objects at 2,000 yards and beyond.

They’re Smarter

Can Range Moving Targets

A modern option can calculate real distance and the line-of-sight difference in a fraction of a second. Amazon


The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, but what that distance actually is—at least to a projectile flying along it—has a lot to do with shot angles. Line of sight is the actual measurement between points, but true horizontal distance takes into account the effects of gravity over the same distance. If you’re shooting at significant angles, like downward from a tree stand or up a steep hillside, there can be a pretty big difference between the two. Instead of doing the math, let the rangefinder do it for you while you concentrate on the shot.


Safe From The Elements

Weatherproof models won’t fail you in harsh climates. Amazon


Electronic devices and weather elements don’t mix. Luckily, advances in waterproofing have made the latest rangefinders much more resilient in the face of the rain and snow that hunters often brave. Some models can even survive brief immersions, making them perfect for rainy climates.