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Essential Outdoor Skill: Tag-Team Squirrels

Stalking squirrels with a buddy not only adds a social aspect to one of the greatest traditions in the autumn woods, it’s also a good way to outsmart squirrels that might spot you coming before you’re in comfortable rimfire range. The key is to use a trick that’s often employed by hunters with treeing dogs.

The Squirrel’s Move: Not every squirrel runs at the first sign of trouble. Some will lay low against a limb without offering a shot, or hide out of view on the back side of the tree.

Your Move: If you suspect a squirrel has busted you, have one hunter stay put while the other stalks quietly around to the other side. The “flanking” hunter’s path should keep him wide of the tree but bring him within range once he gets to the back side. The flanker might get a shot, but his approach is more likely to spook the squirrel back around to his stationary partner.

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