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As AR-style rifles become ever more popular with hunters, the need for mounting optics on these rifles keeps growing. But a mounting system for your bolt-action rifle simply isn’t going to work for an AR.

The stocks, comb heights and eye reliefs are different. Plus, with an AR, access to the rifle’s charging handle is required. Which is why Nikon Hunting offers a full range of AR-specific optic mounting systems, including three recently introduced scope mounts: the P-Series; the M-223; and, the M-223 XR.

All three provide the height and eye relief needed for AR rifles. Built from strong, lightweight alloys, the mounts securely attach to your rifle’s Picatinny rails. The P-Series mounts are perfect for standard size scopes and are also reversible for ultra compact scopes. The one-piece M-223 Mount was developed specifically for the Nikon M-223 riflescope series, while the M-223 XR features a built-in 20 MOA slope, providing extreme long-range capability to your AR and optic combination.

“One of the great things about the AR platforms is the many accessories you can add to them,” says Miles Hall, owner of the H&H Shooting Sports Complex, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, an authorized Nikon dealer. “And you can attach most of these yourself, so you really are able to make your AR fit you and your shooting needs.”

Although these Nikon AR mounts only recently hit the market, Hall’s already sold dozens of the M-223 and M-223 XR mounts.

“They’re solid, one-piece mounts, super easy for customers to put on or take off their AR’s as needed,” Hall notes.

P-Series, $49.95
M-223, $79.95
M-223 XR $99.95