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Rock River Arms Fred Eichler Predator Rifle: Easy to Carry, Coyote Killer

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This 5.56/.223 AR is a handy little predator rifle. The round handguard has cute coyote prints on it (too cute, in the eyes of some testers). With its 18-inch barrel and collapsible stock, it is quite maneuverable and is light enough to carry with a scope mounted. The muzzle brake did a good job of keeping the gun on target, and the accuracy of the rifle (0.994-inch 5-shot average) should have coyotes quaking in their dens.
Test Results**
Score: ? ? ? ½
Price: $1,395
Design: B
Performance: A-
Accuracy: A
Price/Value: B
Cartridge: 5.56/.223 Rem.
Trigger Pull: 5 lb. 1 oz.
Available Group/Smallest Group: .944 in./.470 in.
Ammo: Win. 50-Gr. BST