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UFC Star Brock Lesnar Charged With Wildlife Violations

Charges related to the improper handling of game by UFC superstar Brock Lesnar were read aloud in an Alberta court last Thursday. Lesnar’s Albertan guide, Chad Stryker, was also charged.

The charges stem from allegations that Lesnar failed to tag a mule deer he took during a November hunting trip. The trip was filmed for North American Hunter Television. The charges read “unlawful possession of wildlife, abandon/wastage of the edible flesh of big game, and after killing wildlife, failure to immediately affix tag.”

“They shot an animal and didn’t tag it,” Darcy Whiteside, spokesman for Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, told the Toranto Sun. “In plain language, it would be considered poaching.” Neither Lesnar nor Stryker appeared in court.

However, in the video of the hunt Lesnar is seen packing out his mule deer. He says he carried out the head and about 150 pounds of meat in his pack.

Lesnar is a former WWE pro wrestler turned mixed martial artist. He won the UFC heavyweight championship belt in 2008 and has his next fight scheduled for December 30 against Alistair Overeem. Lesnar has also made a name for himself as an avid outdoorsmen working with a handful of companies in the the industry.

Lesnar and Stryker are scheduled to appear in court on Jan. 19. Check back with for the latest on this story.