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Hunter Shoots White Buck in Wisconsin, Starts Local Controversy

Natalie Krebs Avatar

An out-of-town hunter angered Wisconsin locals last weekend by harvesting this white buck near Leland, Wis., reports

Although albino and all-white deer are protected species in Wisconsin, they’re still fair game in Chronic Wasting Disease Management Zones.

The hunt took place in Sauk County, which is a designated region for CWD management.

The opening-day kill may have been legal, but local hunters and residents say the unidentified hunter broke an informal agreement among townspeople to protect Leland’s white deer. The surrounding area is home to approximately eight albino and all-white deer, and many locals say these rare animals should be shared by all.

Now residents are demanding the Wisconsin DNR step up its game and improve protection for these unusual whitetails.

This buck sports a great rack, but you never want to create bad blood among the locals. What do you think? Should these deer be protected or hunted?

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