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Leupold has just announced its brand-new RBX-3000, a range-finding binocular that is capable of ranging from 5 to 3,000 yards or meters. It also reads temperature, pressure, angle, and humidity.

Combining a rangefinder, binocular, and atmospherics into one unit eliminates the need to carry three different tools into the field. With this, all a hunter needs is his RBX-3000 and his smartphone-based ballistic app. The unit boasts Leupold’s well-known TBR (true ballistic range) capability, with the addition of a “W” for wind. Enter your personal ballistic data and wind conditions, laser your target, and the shoot-to range will display along with suggested windage hold.

The display inside the RBX-3000 is LED, meaning, in laymen’s terms, that it should be plenty bright enough to read during sunny midday conditions. The unit weighs 36 ounces and is offered in 10X42 power. It will retail for about $3,000 dollars and be available in late spring 2019.