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New Swimbaits, Glide Baits, and Jerk Baits from ICAST 2021

ICAST 2021 has exciting new swimbaits from realistic soft plastic baits to biodegradable glide baits
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Berkley PowerBait Gilly Swimbait Best of Show ICAST 2021

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ICAST 2021 featured the latest and greatest fishing products and some of the most exciting new products were in the swimbait category. A swimbait even won Best of Show. Here’s a look at some of the most innovative swimbaits, glide baits and jerk baits from ICAST.

Berkley PowerBait Gilly – ICAST 2021 Best Freshwater Soft Lure and Best of Show

The Gilly is an ultra-realistic bluegill swimbait that looks and swims like the real thing—designed in collaboration with Mike Iaconelli with fish-catching features, like Berkley’s HD bait technology that gives the Gilly its stunning realism. It has a soft hollow head that allows for solid hookups, and it makes the bait neutrally buoyant bait with a lower center of gravity. The lower center of gravity keeps the bait upright and creates a natural fall when you pause your retrieve. The bait’s articulated tail creates a lifelike swimming action. There are also stabilizing fins to further promote a realistic swimming action. You can rig the Gilly in many ways, but the most common way is with an EWG hook through the side of the body. Iaconelli’s Instagram is a great resource for information on how to rig the Gilly. This swimbait will be available fall 2021, they’ll cost $7.49 per pack, and come in three sizes. 

Groovy Glide Hemp at ICAST 2021
A swimbait made from environmentally friendly hemp. Scott Einsmann Scott Einsmann

Jenko Groovy Glide Hemp

The Jenko Groovy Glide is a swimbait that you can glide, wake, or straight retrieve. It’s made from 100 percent US-sourced hemp, which is environmentally friendly plant material that, when processed, can be thermoformed just like a typical plastic bait. According to Jenko, it will last as long as a plastic bait for normal fishing applications. But, if you lose the bait, it will biodegrade within six months, leaving only the metal components. The biodegrading process begins when the bait’s paint is scratched off, which is why it won’t degrade in normal fishing. The bait is 5.5 inches and 1.4 ounces. You can purchase the plastic Groovy Glide right away, but the hemp version won’t be available until the fall and will cost around $40.  

The Jackall Bounty Fish 158 is a weedless walk-the-dog bait. Scott Einsmann

Jackall Bounty Fish

The Bounty Fish is for anglers that want to fish thick cover with big swimbaits. It’s a weedless bait that can be rigged with a 5/0 or 6/0 EWG hook. It has an irresistible walk the dog action that keeps the bait in the strike zone longer. When you look at the Bounty Fish, you’ll notice the ribs that slow its acceleration and the tail articulation made from a unique netting that gives the Bounty Fish its signature kick. You can pick up a pack in late August for $9.99.

Shimano World Minnow and World Diver

Shimano’s Flash Boost technology has been a secret weapon for tuna captains and saltwater anglers. That same fish-catching technology is in the new World Minnow aimed at the bass market. To fully appreciate Flash Boost’s ability to emit flash, you need to watch the above video. For added visual appeal and realism, the World Minnow has a holographic pattern with individual scales. The jerk bait also has Jet Boost, which adds feet to the end of your cast. They retail for $19.99, and will be available early in fall 2021.  

Nikko Winnow 95

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Nikko Winnow 95

Nikko didn’t forget to put the California Prop 65 warning on their packages. The Nikko Winnow 95 is made from medical-grade plastic that’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly. That means if a fish swims off with a piece of your bait in its stomach, it won’t swell and cause issues. On top of the plastic being non-toxic, it’s also extremely durable, and the baits come in a wide range of awesome colors. The best part is you can buy the Winnow 95 right away for $14.99.