Amazon Prime Early Access Sale: Darn Tough Socks

Snag a pair of the thicker Scouts for your shoulder-season adventures

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While the Darn Tough Hiker might be our go-to sock for summer adventuring, the Scout is the sock we turn to for colder weather. The thicker knit here helps to keep feet warm when temperatures dip below freezing while still not overheating our feet on uphill climbs. While we like this sock so much that we’re happy to pay the list price of $27 for it (especially with that infamous lifetime guarantee policy), snagging a pair for under $17 is a steal we can’t pass up. 

Darn Tough Scout

Darn Tough enthusiasts (and who isn’t one, really?) will note that this pair uses a hair more merino wool than their more popular brands. In addition to providing extra warmth thanks to their semi-hollow makeup, the lanolin that naturally occurs on wool helps to keep the stink down over multiple days.