Cyber Monday Thermal Scope Deals

We found great deals on thermal scopes and handhelds

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Thermal is like night vision, but much better. It allows you to see at night by highlighting temperature differentials—a huge advantage for spotting game at night. Thermal devices can be pretty expensive, but the prices are getting lower thanks to some great Cyber Monday deals. Here are the best ones we’ve found.

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Deals on Thermal Scopes

A dedicated thermal scope replaces your day scope, and many of them have built in rangefinders, recording, and can save zeroes for multiple guns.

Save 15 percent on an AGM Rattler TS35-384. It’s now $2,120.75. This thermal scope is ideal for medium ranges and can be used as a scope or handheld.

Save 19 percent on an AGM Rattler TS19-256. It’s now $849.15. This scope is ideal for short range hunting and spotting and offers 24 hours of operation under any weather conditions. It can be used as a scope or as a handheld.

Save 15 Percent on an AGM Varmint LRF TS35-384 . It’s now $2,797.03. This is a full-featured thermal scope for the serious hunter. It has a built in rangefinder, fast image processing, recording, and 4.5 hours of continuous operation.

Save up to 19 percent on an ATN ThOR 4 Thermal Rifle Scope. Now $2,999.99 – $3,299.99.

Save up to 18 percent on an ATN Thor 4 Smart HD Thermal Rifle Scope. Now $1,799.99 – $2,699.99.

Deals on Clip-On Thermal Devices

If you have a day scope you really like and you don’t want to take it off to go hog hunting, then a clip on is a great option for you. One of the best clip ons for the money is the AGM Rattler TC35-384, which is on sale for $2,262.40. It offers medium range capability and excellent resolution for the price.

Deals on Handheld Thermal Devices

If you’re interested in giving thermal a try, the AGM Asp-Micro TM160 is on sale for $339.15. This short range monocular will allow you to take advantage of thermal technology without breaking the bank.

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