Strut Zone: Time for Fall Turkeys

This is what we're after when we take to the fall turkey woods. NWTF photo
Will Brantley, still wearing his bird-busting game face, arrowed this 2010 Kentucky fall turkey. Will Brantley photo.
This is the smallest gobbler beard I tagged this season. Keep your sniggering to yourself. Repeat after me: It's all good! Steve Hickoff photo.
This is how we hide the dogs for the post-scatter call back. Steve Hickoff photo.
This is where our fall turkeys end up. Camp chili anybody? Steve Hickoff photo.
Marc Brown took this bearded Maine hen on Opening Day. It taped out at 8 and 1/2 inches. Steve Hickoff photo.
After the post-shot scatter, I set up and called in 15 Maine turkeys as they regrouped. I shot this one as it came in. Steve Hickoff photo.
These New York State birds-of-the-year tasted great. Steve Hickoff photo.
These Maine longbeards are still out there . . . c'mon Spring 2011! Steve Hickoff photo.
Brownie scored on this opening day Vermont fall turkey after calling the whole flock in. Marc Brown photo.