First Look: The KelTec CQB SUB-2000 Folding Pistol-Caliber Carbine

This compact rifle is a good survival gun and a fun plinker
John B. Snow Avatar
a 9mm pistol-caliber carbine, folded in half, in hand at the range
This pistol-caliber carbine from KelTec folds into a compact package for easy stowing. Stephen Maturen

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If you’re looking for a good survival gun and a fun plinker in one package, consider the CQB SUB-2000 from KelTec. It’s a quick take-down folding rifle chambered in 9mm. This model accepts Glock magazines, though there’s another that accepts magazines from SIG, CZ, and Beretta. The carbine has a forward-mounted rail for added sights, a contoured fore-end, and easy to manipulate controls. It was a hell of a lot of fun to shoot, and it digested a pile of ammo without a hitch when we shot it at the range. The integral suppressor, included in the $900 price tag, makes this a good value, too.