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First Look: The Mossberg 940 JM Pro Competition Shotgun

An affordable, out-of-the-box semi-auto for 3-Gun and competition shooters
John B. Snow Avatar
A semi-auto competition shotgun from Mossberg on a black background
The new 940 JM Pro from Mossberg features plenty of competition features, including the oversized controls and enlarged loading port. Stephen Maturen

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This ready-to-roll 3-Gun competition shotgun from Mossberg was designed with plenty of input from, and named for, pro-shooter Jerry Miculek. It sports oversized controls, an extended magazine tube with a 10-plus-one capacity, a high-vis front sight, and an enlarged loading port, among other features. Best of all might be the price, which will appeal to folks who are looking to get into competition. You’ll be able to find the 940 JM Pro for around $900.