burning fritos fire starters
Greasy snack foods make great fire starters. Tim MacWelch

It’s hard to argue with the wisdom of eating healthy foods. They are good, and good for us. But every now and again, a little junk food can be a welcomed treat. Whether you are building a survival food supply at home, or you’re stocking a survival kit with a few food items, consider adding a little junk food to round out your menu and bring a bit of comfort to a hard situation.

1. Enjoy Some Calories Out in the cold? Dealing with stress? Familiar foods with high calories are a welcome addition to your kit. Consider foods that have a long shelf life, high calories, and of course, taste great. Survival is all about calorie management, and it’s better to have more calories to manage than fewer calories.

2. Lift Morale If you’re dipping into your emergency food supply, chances are good that you’re not having the best day. Lighten the mood during tough times by bringing out some tasty treats. Chocolate, hard candy, chips, candy bars and other snacks can raise morale, and provide a nice diversion—especially to those who are having a tough time adjusting to an unfamiliar situation.

3. Light It Up Can’t get that damp tinder to light? Then dip into your food supply and pull out some high-calorie comfort food – namely chips. Delicious greasy snack chips make an outstanding fire starter when you apply an open flame to them. Just a few corn chips, Fritos, or potato chips can be quickly lit with a match or lighter. Two or three chips won’t put much of a dent in your food supply, but it will have a massive impact of your fire building.

Do you have snacks in your emergency food supply? What kind of snack foods will you put in your survival kit? Let us know by leaving a comment.