Ready Freddy
In a survival situation, there’s no time to spare. You shouldn’t have to wonder where you put the flashlight or how many gauze pads are left in the first-aid kit. The backpack-style Ready Freddy survival kit eliminates these concerns, with labeled pouches that fit nicely inside the pack. It comes fully loaded with more than 100 items and is ideal for home or your car’s trunk. ($150;

AMK S.O.L. 3
“S.O.L.” here means “Survive Outdoors Longer,” not the traditional–and less optimistic–meaning. Which makes sense, because this 7x6x2.5-inch kit is loaded with useful items, including a first-aid kit; survival tools (whistle, mirror, Heatsheet blanket); fire-making tools (magnesium starter, striker, tinder blocks); and repair tools (duct tape, zip ties, cordage). ($56;
UST Deluxe Survival Kit**
This bare-bones kit doesn’t have a lot of bells, but it does have a whistle. It also has a signal mirror, a one-handed all-weather fire starter, two tinder blocks and a flexible chain saw blade, all stored in an air-tight case. At just a pound, there’s no good reason not to toss it in your pack. ($60 at;