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The New PlotWatcher Pro Takes Photos From Long Range

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There wasn’t any shortage of new trail cameras at the 2012 ATA Trade Show. Trail cameras have become an integral part of herd management and hunters use these tools to analyze the deer herd their hunting and target specific animals to hunt during the season.

Trail cameras, however, aren’t perfect. They require animals to walk within a certain distance, typically about 50 feet, of the camera in order for a picture to be taken. If an animal walks outside of the camera’s range you’ll never know what walked by and when it happened. That’s where Day 6 Outdoors’ new PlotWatcher Pro comes in.

Unlike trail cameras that require an animal to walk in front of the camera within a certain range to trigger a picture, the PlotWatcher Pro utilizes a time-lapse video camera to record high-definition images every 5 or 10 seconds and then compiles the group of individual images as an HD video for review.

With a 2.5″ LCD for on-board camera set-up aiming the PlotWatcher Pro is easy and you don’t have to wonder if you’ve set the camera too high or too low. The LCD also allows users to view camera status messages and keep track of battery life.

One thing that’s unique about the PlotWatcher Pro is its ability to accept add-on zoom lenses. This allows you to hang the camera on the edge of a food plot or field and capture usable pictures of animals further out in the field. The PlotWatcher Pro uses an SD card for storage and features temperature and moon-phase info on each image. For those in areas where theft is of concern, the PlotWatcher Pro is security cable ready to deter thieves from stealing the camera.

Included with the PlotWatcher Pro is Day 6 Outdoors’ GameFinder video player software, which allows you to watch an entire 12-hour day’s worth of video in just a few minutes.

If you’re hunting along open field edges or food plots this is the perfect type of camera to use. The PlotWatcher Pro allows you to monitor your hunting area and see what’s really going on outside of your trail camera’s range. Now it’s time to see what big bucks have been sneaking by.