APEX Gear is making some big moves this year with its new Gamechanger sight and quiver. Both these products look pretty promising. Here’s my first take…

The Gamechanger Sight features APEX’s new Tru-Zero pin design that minimizes pin gaps while the Tru-Flo 2.0 system allows for quick and easy fiber replacement allowing archers to change fiber color without changing the pins. APEX used extra long fibers in their pins to increase durability and exposure to UV light, making the pins shine brighter in low light conditions.

One feature that I really like about the Gamechanger Sight is the soft rubber-like coating that APEX calls Tru-Touch. The Tru-Touch coating dampens any vibration related to the sight and deadens the sound of anything that could come in contact with the sight like your arrow.

With the ultra precision equipment we have today, it’s a necessity to have a sight that offers fine click adjustment for windage and elevation. This is especially true when you start sighting in your 40, 50 and 60+ yard pins; fine click adjustment makes a world of difference.

To further the adjustability and accuracy of the sight, APEX illuminated the bubble level with luminescent tape and made it adjustable on the second and third axis level with two vertical bars. The bracket on the Gamechanger Sight is also reversible for greater vertical adjustment and has markings for windage, elevation and pin adjustments. With a large aperture of 2.0″ inner diameter and a glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring, bowhunters will appreciate this sight at dawn and dusk when most deer are moving.

The tool-less design of the Gamechanger Sight is also adjustable for left and right-handed shooters and is equipped with an adjustable micro push button light. The Gamechanger Sight comes in a 5-pin configuration with 0.019″ diameter pins and is available in black, APG Camo, AP Camo, and LOST Camo.

To compliment the sight is APEX’s new Gamechanger Quiver. The Gamechanger Quiver is a new lightweight and compact quiver with CNC machined aluminum construction.

The Gamechanger Quiver has an adjustable tension Cam-Lock that moves the quiver snuggly against the bow riser while the mounting bracket is adjustable up and down to better fit all bows. Having several mounting options is especially important to bowhunters who hunt with their quiver on. This allows the archer to adjust the quiver until torque is minimized and proper balance is achieved.

The Gamechanger Quiver fits both carbon and aluminum arrows and both mechanical and fixed broadheads. The technical rubber hood insert won’t dull broadheads while reducing noise and vibration.

Other features of the Gamechanger Quiver include easy one hand removal, Tru-Touch soft-feel technical coating, a secure double gripper design and a rigid aluminum hanging loop for use in treestands or ground blinds.

This quiver fits both right and left handed bows and secures up to five arrows. The Gamechanger Quiver is available in APG Camo, black, LOST Camo, and INFINITY Camo.