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One of the quietest fabrics for hunting is fleece, but the downside is that wind will cut right through the fabric and leave you cold. And once you get cold, you will start focusing on how to get warm, instead of concentrating on scanning your surroundings and looking for game.

Scent-Lok’s new Rampage fleece system aims to solve this problem by using an ultra-quiet inner shell fused within the fabric to block the wind and keep hunters warm, while maintaining quiet performance. Deep, built in hand warmer side ports offer a large space to keep your hands warm, and with a total of six pockets, you can keep essential gear close at hand.

A tapered fleece-tipped collar keeps bulk down around the chin. The synthetic pigskin shoulders repel moisture and have a no-slide finish to keep backpacks and gun slings from slipping. One nice feature about the jacket is the safety harness access opening in the back — it allows you to wear your safety harness under your jacket so you still have easy access to all of the pockets.

The Rampage jacket features Scent-Lok’s enhanced Carbon Alloy scent control technology, which sets a new standard by adding other components to their activated carbon to improve the fabric’s ability to adsorb odors to extreme levels. Carbon Alloy can increase the spectrum of adsorption with its ability to target human specific odors better than carbon alone, making hunters more effective in the field.

The Rampage jacket is the perfect early- to mid-season jacket for bowhunters, and can even be used as a mid-layer during the cold late-season months when the temperature plummets. The combination of fleece and a wind-blocking liner make this jacket ultra quiet and warm. It’s a jacket serious bowhunters should consider.