If status and brand are important to you, then plunk down $2,000 for a high-end European binocular. But if you want performance and durability on par with the best Austrian optics, then spend half that amount for this Czech powerhouse. The Meopta is that good. The 10×42 we tested was runner-up on both our low-light and resolution tests, thanks to its first-rate low-dispersion glass.

But the best measure of a hunting optic is how much time you’re willing to spend behind it, and team members praised the Meopta’s bright and crisp image, and how the generous eyebox caused no fatigue or squinting. At nearly 2 pounds, the Meopta is heavy, but it’s solid, and the eyecups and center-knob focus and diopter controls turn with precision and authority. This is the same binocular that Cabela’s bills as its Euro HD. No matter the name, it’s a world-class optic at a price that might tempt you to buy two.

Test Results
Score: ? ? ? ?
Price: $1,000
Optics: A+
Perceived Image: A
Design: A
Price/Value: A-