In hopes of offering hunters more opportunities while not offending the traditional stick-and-string crowd, Kansas has decided to allow big-game crossbow hunting for senior and youth hunters.

This fall, hunters 55 and older and those with a youth permit will be allowed to hunt big game with a crossbow during archery season.

This from CJonline

“Chris Tymeson, a commission attorney, said the regulation wouldn’t be in place before the opening of archery turkey season on April 1, but it would be for fall seasons for antelope, deer and elk hunting.

Crossbows have long been legal in Kansas for those physically unable to hunt with traditional archery equipment. But in several other states, they are currently legal for all sportsmen.

Wildlife officials said they preferred to change Kansas’ regulations rather than allow the Legislature to expand the rules.

‘I think some may have underestimated the momentum of crossbows in this area,’ said Gerald Lauber, commission chairman. ‘I’d rather control our own destiny.’ “

While this seems to be a logical compromise, there could be a pretty serious catch. Under this system, there will be a generation of youth archers who grow up hunting with crossbows, and when they turn of age, they’ll have to transition to vertical bows or drop out. Anyone who has ever shot both, knows that’s not a seemless transition.

Do you think Kansas will (or should) just legalize crossbows for all bowhunters? Comment below!

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