Video: Man Catches Quail with Bare Hand

Alex Robinson Avatar

Here’s one way to avoid chomping down on shot pellets in your quail.

There’s not much info about this Youtube clip except that it promotes NFL quarterback Colt McCoy’s new book The Real Win. The quail catcher appears to be coauthor Matt Carter.

Here’s a tag line from the book: “Inside every guy is a burning desire to set goals and achieve them, to get ahead and finish strong–most of all, to win. So why do so many guys invest years striving for success only to discover that what they thought was winning actually turns out to be losing in all the ways that count?”

Maybe reading this book will teach you how to do sweet stuff like how to wear a hat backwards and how to catch quail with your bare hands. But then again, the last time McCoy was a starter was in 2011 and he went 4-12 with the Cleveland Browns. So, maybe he’s not the best guy to take advice from when it comes to winning.